“The Consultant is In” Web Seminar Series

Over the course of each month, SWPP gets many different questions related to all areas of workforce management.  These questions are distributed to a wide variety of WFM experts, including the SWPP Advisory Board, top industry consultants, and selected subject matter experts.  SWPP forwards replies to these questions to the person making the inquiry and sometimes these questions and answers find their way into the Ask the Workforce Wizard section of our quarterly newsletter, On Target.

Many of these questions elicit a wide variety of answers and often generate some very interesting discussions.  We’d like to find a way to make these compelling Questions, Answers, and Discussion available to a wider audience in order for many to benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts.

SWPP holds events called The Consultant is In to debate the most pressing issues in WFM.

Friday, August 16, 2019
11 am Central time (12pm Eastern)

All SWPP members may participate in the live event at no charge.  For those unable to attend the live event, the recorded session will be available soon after the live event and will be archived for one month on the SWPP web site.   The 1-hour live session will include a pre-announced set of topics, with several WFM experts sharing ideas, as well as responding to ideas and questions from seminar participants via a Chat mechanism.

The topic for this session will be Let’s Talk About Adherence.  Panelists will address this topic and specific questions from SWPP members:

Join SWPP on Friday, August 16 at 11 am CDT for this lively presentation and discussion from our group of panelists.  Be prepared to share your questions and ideas related to these topics.

Play the Recording of this session