SWPP Announces On-Demand WFM Courses Available to SWPP Members

Great news for SWPP members!  SWPP now offers on-demand workforce management courses from our Fundamentals of WFM series in addition to the live webinars that are held throughout the year.

The on-demand courses are available exclusively for SWPP members and provide practical knowledge and skills in all aspects of workforce planning and management, including extensive coverage of topics covered in the CWPP Certification Exam.  An assessment and articles are included with each course.

The following courses are included in the on-demand series:

Preparing to Forecast:
Decisions and Data for the Planning Process    

Forecasting Basics:
Predicting for Months, Weeks, Days, and Intervals

Essentials of Staffing:
Models and Calculations for Contact Center Staff

Staffing Tradeoffs:
Achieving a Balance of Service, Occupancy, and Cost

Scheduling Strategies:
Definitions and Decisions for Successful Schedules

Managing Schedule Adherence:
Creating an In-Place and On-Time Culture  

Managing Daily Service:
An Intra-Day Plan to Keep Staffing and Service on Track

Signs of Success:
Metrics and Measures of WFM Performance

The courses are presented by popular industry consultants and authors Penny Reynolds and Maggie Klenke. Reynolds and Klenke were Co-Founders of The Call Center School, where they developed and taught classes to thousands of contact center professionals from 2001 to 2012, including a popular series on workforce management.

These 60-minute courses are only available to SWPP members, and are available in the members-only Library on the SWPP website.  For more information, SWPP members can login to the members-only area of the website and go to https://swpp.org/swpp-on-demand-webinars/.