One of the biggest benefits of membership in SWPP is the opportunity to network with your peers to hear about their successes and how they’ve made a difference in their call centers. Much of this exchange of ideas is via informal conversations, and while there’s nothing like one-one-one exchanges, we wanted to find a way to provide a bigger forum for some of those great concepts and techniques. And what better way to do it than with a contest that will reward you for those great ideas!

SWPP announces our “Techniques and Turnarounds” contest. We’re looking for your best ideas and what’s worked in your call center to improve service, increase efficiencies, maximize customer and employee satisfaction, and improve profitability. Your fellow workforce planners will get to hear about successful makeovers in your operation and you’ll have a chance to win some fabulous prizes for sharing your secrets.

We recognize that improvements can come in many forms. In some cases, you may have re-worked a staffing plan with a substantial improvement in queue times and consistency to callers. Others may have introduced a new schedule mix that took the existing staff and created a much more efficient plan that reduced overtime and prevented hiring of new staff. Some may have organized a new skill-based plan that resulted in better service and better call resolution. Other centers may have worked hard to roll out different schedules that made staff happier with both the work schedules as well as the bid process. Many centers have taken on responsibilities for new types of contacts and increased profitability by optimizing staffing for these new communications channels. Whatever the scenario, we want to hear your success stories.

How the Contest Works

The entry form will contain a few questions about the makeup of your center, your workforce management structure and tools, and of course, the “before” and “after” picture of your work. You simply fill in the form and send it back to us.

You’ll select from one of the following categories to submit your entry:

  • Best Customer Service Turnaround
  • Best Efficiency and Savings Turnaround
  • Best Agent Satisfaction Turnaround
  • Best New Channel Workforce Plan
  • Best All-Round Workforce Turnaround

The entries will be judged by SWPP Board Members and other industry experts to select the winners in each category. The winning entries and stories will be posted on the SWPP website, and the winners will also be invited to present their “Techniques and Turnaround” story in future issues of On Target and at the SWPP Annual Conference. Those selected to speak at the Annual Conference will receive complimentary registrations at the conference and special recognition at the event.

In addition to the recognition and exposure in front of your SWPP peers, the winners in each category will win prizes, with the Best Overall Turnaround winning a grand prize.

Have a good turnaround story to tell? Share it with your workforce colleagues and learn from their challenges and successes too. Stay tuned to the SWPP web site for more details and start writing your success story today!