Workforce Management Professional of the Year Nomination

  • Call Center Overview

  • Individual Overview of Nominee

  • In submitting this application, you may either respond to each of the questions below to provide information about a specific project to provide the content needed for judging, or alternatively, you may respond with a narrative or “story” about the nominee and their accomplishments. This narrative should address the items listed below, but can be presented in a “story” format.

    1. Describe the process or scenario that was targeted for performance improvement in your center. What processes/methods were used to manage the workforce planning and management function and what were the opportunities for improvement?
    2. What processes or methods were implemented by the nominee to improve performance?
    3. What were the measurable results?
    4. How did the nominee’s work contribute to the overall goals of the call center and/or the organization?
    5. What were the measurable monetary benefits of the work? What were the other benefits of the project?
    6. How are the results being sustained over time?