October 7 –

In many centers, skill-based routing is implemented and  It is all too common to see nearly as many call types as there are agents.  Calls are being sorted down into unique types that match specific customer needs, language, product, customer demographics, or even agent training.

It is fine to identify different customers and customer needs and handle them differently.  What does not work, however, is to have call types that have less than 50 calls a day.  The result is likely to be a few calls during some half-hours and none during others.  And this makes it nearly impossible to make an accurate forecast.

If you require some call types with very low volumes, such as a specific language skill, then you will simply have to schedule someone to be in that queue at all times regardless of whether there are calls enough to justify that person.

Note:  This week’s tip provided by Maggie Klenke. She may be reached at maggie.klenke@mindspring.com.