Posted On: 4-16-2015
Position Title: Call Center Operations Specialist
Job Location: Naperville, IL
Contact Information: Mariela Calvillo – Recruiter  apply online at
Company Name – Pivotal Home Solutions


The Call Center Operations Support Specialists plays a key role in ensuring call center service and sales goals are met through the management of all scheduling and adherence processes. This role is responsible for real time volume and metric monitoring and for making strategic recommendations to senior management on staffing and team assignment needs.

Functional Expertise:

  • Manages and is responsible for all scheduling (i.e., shifts, training, vacation, meeting, overtime, after call work, exceptions, etc.) for hourly call center personal
    • Approve and administer real-time exceptions to the schedules (including sick emergency time off, lateness, ad hoc off phone time, etc.) in real time. Track actual to projected staffing levels and work with the call center to maximize resources on the phone.

Business Acumen:

  • Analyzes scheduling and tracks call volume and reviews historical trend data to determine the level of daily call activity
    • Assists in preparing forecasts based on call volumes from prior year, month end,holiday week, etc. and makes the appropriate schedule changes
    • Analyze and administer scheduling optimization for the call center. This includes overtime, voluntary time off, Ad hoc time off the phone.


  • Work collaboratively with all levels of call center staff to accommodate scheduling changes, working within and communicating established guidelines
    • Participates in staffing analyses and feeds information into budgeting and cost control processes

Driving Results:

  • Monitor real time ACW, AUX and off phone time to determine intra-day scheduling needs
    • Designs and prepares reports (i.e., daily operating reports, adherence, call analysis, etc.) for senior management according to scheduled guidelines


Education, Certifications/Licenses:


High School Diploma or GED

  • Preferred:

Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

Related Work Experience:

  • Required:

1-3 years call center experience.

This position requires problem solving and decision making skills which warrant this person having 1 to 3 years of business experience.

  • Preferred:

Specific Skills& Knowledge:


This position requires someone to be a quick learner and require minimal direction. Analytical skills and the ability to be a logical thinker are crucial to being able to work independently in this role. Attention to detail and the ability to identify trends in service level performance and react to those trends. Ability to identify the best course of remedial action to support service delivery to ensure customer needs are met along with client objectives. Ability to multi-task in a high pressure environment

Experience with Excel is required.


Experience with Microsoft Access. Experience with Workforce Management Tools (Blue Pumpkin – Verint preferred)

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

Office Environment