September 6 –

Do your agents understand the scheduling process that the WFM team uses? Your WFM team needs to be able to explain this process from start to finish.  There can be many questions along the way, including things like:  How are the number of agents for each shift determined?  Why are schedules different lengths?  How re the schedules assigned?  How do you determine who picks their schedule first?

But no matter your method of producing schedules or method of distribution, be sure your team can explain to the agents how the process functions.  Also be able to give advice on how the general population can improve their positioning to receive a more desirable schedule.  For example, if schedules are based on performance ratings, the obvious recommendation is to improve their performance to improve chances for a better schedule.  The agent needs to understand exactly what metrics are used in the performance calculation as well.

Note:  This week’s tip provided by SWPP Board Member Rick Seeley.  He may be reached at