Workforce Management Certification

Test proctors are very important to the certification testing process. A proctor is an individual who agrees to monitor the testing of a student and affirms that the exam was delivered in suitable environment and without help. A proctor can be anyone, but, if possible, should be someone from outside the workforce management department and not the student’s supervisor. With many people working from home, this can be anyone that is willing to sign the proctor validation form and ensure the test taker follows the guidelines below. Tests may be taken at any location as long as a proctor is available.

The proctor will ensure that the student has a quiet and secure place to take the test. The proctor remains in the room during the entire testing session to ensure that the student has no help during the exam (e.g., via phone or web). The proctor should also make sure that the computer the student is taking the test on has no print capability so that the test will not be printed out. At the submission of the test by the student, the proctor signs a form testifying that the student took the test fairly and without assistance. The signed Proctor Validation Statement should be e-mailed to

Here is some other information for students and test proctors:

  • Tests are closed book.
  • Tests are self-timed with a two-hour time limit for each test.
  • Test questions must not be written, copied, reproduced, or retained in any form by the student.
  • Students should be provided a pencil/pen, paper and calculator for the test, but at the end of the test, the proctor must recover all of the paper to be destroyed.
  • Students will receive test results via e-mail as soon as the results are verified and the proctor validation statement has been received.
  • An overall score of 80% is needed to pass each test.
  • If a student fails to achieve the 80% grade needed, a re-test is available for an additional fee.

For any other specific questions regarding test proctoring, please contact Vicki Herrell at 615-352-4292 or