Workforce Management Certification


After satisfactory completion of the three online tests, the final step in the certification process is submission of a project. The link at the bottom of of this page contains certification project expectations and competencies as well as all approved projects. Any project on this list requires no further approval from SWPP. Alternative projects do require approval from SWPP.

Once the project is completed, applicants for certification must submit written or electronic documentation to SWPP. Documentation is comprised of a MS-PowerPoint presentation and other supporting documentation such as reports and MS-Excel worksheets.  See the links below for sample projects that will give you an idea of what is expected.

Findings and final results are presented via WebEx to a panel comprised of SWPP members with certification credentials.

Sample Projects

Sample Project – Collections & Customer Service Flex Agent Proposal

Sample Presentation Project #19

Approved Project List

Certification Project Expectations and Approved Project List