Workforce Management Certification

Testimonials from our Certified Professionals

“The designation enables the recipient to demonstrate their skill attainment within their business. It also provides a competitive edge when applying for other positions as it not only identifies the person as attaining a recognized level of competence but as importantly identifies that person as one who will extend extra effort for their personal and professional development.” — Dick Spearrin, The Call Center Consulting Group

“Certification by a professional organization underscored my understanding of workforce management principles and practices and gave me extra credibility after our contact center got a new vice president. My department looks to me for advice and explanation.” — Katherine Beinecke, Cornerstone Services, Inc.

“I got a lot of congratulations once I received my CWPP designation. I have found that more senior managers approach me for my opinion than before receiving the designation. Furthermore, it seems like my recommendations are accepted more often.” — Lakhwinder Samrai, Desjardins General Insurance

“I believe that my continuing education and certifications are a factor in my job title and salary progression–definitely a return on time invested!” — Kristi Holcombe, American Home Shield

“Having been involved in WFM for some years, this really capped my career and added a pinnacle level of success in the industry.” — Todd Gladden, deNOVO Consulting

”Networking has proven to be easier. A CWPP after your name does open doors.” — Retha Deaton, formerly of Embarq and current Adjunct College Professor

“Workforce Management certification helps vet candidates during the hiring process. Because I know what it took to get that certification, I just put the certified candidates at the top of the pile of resumes and start there.” — Michele Borboa, Contact Center Resources