Do you “SEE” the impacts?

January 28 –

As workforce management professionals, our jobs are to continue to read the data tea leaves and make qualified recommendations to the operational leadership that will place the contact center in a better position for success.  These recommendations may be large initiatives or small adjustments.  Regardless of size, as workforce management professionals, it is our job to ensure we “SEE” all the impacts to our recommendations.

“SEE” Impacts:

SERVICE Impacts:  How will this recommendation impact the service to the customer.  Will this increase or decrease wait times, impact the average handle time, or provide them another avenue to communicate?  Determine how your recommendation will impact the service to your customer.

EFFIENCY Impacts:  How will this recommendation impact the bottom line.  Are you saving the company dollars?  Have you determined the cost of the recommendation and potential savings and how long that savings will take to be realized?  This is a critical piece to all recommendations, large and small.

ENGAGEMENT Impacts:  How will this recommendation impact the employee’s engagement.  This is probably the most important item that as workforce management professionals we overlook.  Employee engagement has such an impact on a company’s success or failure of implementing recommendations.   An impact to customer engagement can increase attrition rates, can raise handle times, and lower adherence metrics.  Each of these can impact your service and efficiencies.

So as you review the data and develop your recommendations take a look and check if you “SEE” all the impacts.

Note:  This week’s tip provided by DJ Overley.   He may be reached at