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[one_third]“The value from the SWPP Annual Conference is always well worth the investment. Being able to meet with and chat with other Workforce Management professionals is key for  being progressive and a nice change for those of us who have few or no peers in our home organizations.”

“I loved the opportunity to network with other professionals in the  industry and to get a peek at what the vendors had to offer. I left with so many ideas to implement in our centers and the energy to motivate my peers by sharing what I learned.”

“I always get so much information out of the SWPP conference! Every great new idea I have taken to my employers has been a result of attending the conference.”

“Just having a group of all WFM professionals provides a really unique and powerful conference, and I love being able to meet and discuss pertinent WFM information with people from all over the world.”

“I feel like I gained a TON of valuable information from the sessions and I appreciated that there were such a large number of topics to chose from.”[/one_third]

The Summit for Workforce Management Excellence

Standards and Strategies
for Call Center Staffing

April 15-17, 2014

Omni Nashville Hotel

Nashville, Tennessee

Detailed Conference Information Here


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