April 15 –

Do you know how flexible your staff is?  Be sure to survey your agents to find out what they will or won’t accept for schedules and scheduling processes. With the trend being to be more “agent friendly,” it is better to survey the staff to find how flexible or inflexible they are instead of just guessing.

Some sample questions might be:

  • “Are you content with our current scheduling methods?”
  • “Would you work one weekend day to get another day off?”
  • “Would you like an alternative schedule?” Then give some sample schedules, such as a 4×10 or 3×12, or schedules with different lengths (e.g., 10 hours on Monday, 10 hours on Tuesday, 8 hours on Wednesday, 6 hours on Thursday, and 6 hours on Friday.   (One note here – don’t give options of schedules that you wouldn’t be able to provide without a caveat that these are just ideas, not firm schedules.)
  • Don’t forget to include opportunities for agents to give you free form feedback.

Question all your current processes and see how your general population responds in a survey.   Once you get the survey back, then create your processes and schedules based on the responses.

Note:  This week’s tip provided by SWPP Board Rick Seeley of Conduent.  He may be reached at rickie.seeley@conduent.com