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Motivated agents are more productive and creative.

December 30 – Your most valuable asset is your employees! Each year, stress-related absences and high attrition cause enormous costs to your contact center operations. Could there be another way of developing contact center operations that can significantly improve the well-being and motivation of your staff? We believe so and would like to take this […]

Change management tips for the WFM team.

December 16 – One thing that is constant in business is change.   We can’t avoid it. Customers, products, service, call flows ― everything changes over time. But as much as we don’t like change, if we didn’t change in positive ways, we wouldn’t stay in business. How we personally approach change in business says a […]

Create a Holiday in Lieu program.

December 9 – How flexible is your company in regards to how employees are compensated for holidays? Were the employees involved at all in the different options or does your company just pay them according to the required premiums? An option to consider would be implementing a paid time off in lieu program for your […]

Are you downsizing for the holidays?

December 2 – Are you downsizing for the holidays in your center? With the start of the holiday season, are you planning now how to ensure your staffing is covered and your overages are negated? There are many different strategies on how this can be accomplished. Some ideas include: Generate schedules as normal and then […]

Try team building exercises for your workforce management group.

November 25 – With the fast-paced environment that exists in the workforce management arena, it’s important to look at opportunities to develop the workforce management team. To build cohesiveness, morale, accountability, and improve productivity, consider conducting sporadic team-building exercises that allow team members to re-energize and recognize their own talents and diversities, as well as […]

Create a Workforce Handbook.

November 11 –   Most companies have an employee handbook.  This includes most everything that HR would want to ensure an employee knew going into their new job.  It also allows employees to know what to expect on all HR facing matters while providing management with a roadmap to processes.  Have you ever been asked […]

Use an Early Release program to benefit both agent and company.

November 4 – Our company has a daily program available to the Reservation Sales Reps and Customer Care Agents called Early Release (ER). If an agent would like to leave work early without being penalized, they can sign up online via the electronic ER sheet upon arriving to work with their phone login, shift start […]

Place your employees at the heart of the workforce management process.

October 28 – Most contact centers will undertake some formal workforce management. But what some organizations don’t realize is that the greatest success with these initiatives will be achieved by considering the interests of their staff in harmony with a focus on achieving business efficiency.  Often there will be a need for additional working hours, […]

Are you prepared for November 3?

October 21 – Daylight Savings Time starts on November 3 — are you prepared? You may need to make some manual changes in your systems to make sure you are ready. Don’t forget that some WFM software and Excel spreadsheets may not accurately account for the conversion to Daylight Savings Time. Reporting can be skewed […]

Service level what-if’s.

October 14 – What if the sky was green and the grass was orange?  What-if type questions are frequently presented to workforce management around scheduling, headcount, costs, and service level.  If workforce management can successfully use what-if scenarios, then call center managers do not have to wait for something to happen to gauge the effectiveness […]

Start planning now for 2014 vacation time.

October 7 – The time is now to start planning the first six months of 2014. Vacation bidding, opening up vacation availability, and setting your time-off limits should be things you want to work on now. Do you have carryover time into the next year? If so, how do you track it? Do you know […]

Work with HR to reduce attrition related to scheduling.

September 23 – To reduce any attrition that could be related to scheduling, work in partnership with your HR Team and ensure lots of communication with your new hires right from the point of application for the position. We offer many types of schedules and have provided an Info Sheet for our recruiting team to […]

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