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Recognize your WFM peers!

December 28 – Who understands what you do and how you do it? Your peers!   Then, why not take the time to recognize them? There are several ways to recognize your peers. A Kudos recognition.  Our peers love to receive Kudos! These small genuine acts can generate a spark of “high fives” that not only […]

Present the New Report With a Wow!

December 21 – We’ve all spent countless hours developing and building a requested report. Then, when it’s completed, an email is sent to introduce the report with a note “please review and let us know if you have questions,” or “your questions/comments are welcome.” It’s not always easy to capture in an email the passion […]

Group chats can benefit employees in more than one way!

December 14 –   It is important that employees answering and servicing inbound calls are equipped with the training and knowledge needed to successfully service the call.  Often due to the complexity of the calls and the experience of the employee a SME or coach might be needed to answer questions as they come up on […]

Survey, analyze, and share!

December 7 – Is it important to survey the associates that you support? Our team thinks so and we did it! We wanted to hear the voice of our associates. Our team supports multiple Business Units within our company. These groups are all different; comprised of phones, phones and production, and only production.   In our […]

Understand the whole consumer experience.

November 30 –   As a WFM professional, we often times are much more focused on the inbound caller experience, particularly those calls queuing to agents in the contact center. However, we should also have visibility into other ways in which consumers contact us as well as they can often drive call volumes. This can be […]

Try team building exercises for your workforce management group.

November 23 –  With the fast paced environment that exists in the workforce management arena, it’s important to look at opportunities to develop the workforce management team. To build cohesiveness, morale, accountability, and improve productivity, consider conducting sporadic team-building exercises that allow team members to re-energize and recognize their own talents and diversities, as well […]

The importance of mentors.

November 16 –  My first mentor was Claudia, the head pharmacist who taught me several valuable lessons during my tenure as a pharmacy technician. She taught me about office politics, corporate savvy, and the importance of cross-training others. The knowledge imparted on me has proved to be invaluable in my career development and move to […]

Validation breeds confidence.

November 2 – One step we rarely see in planning spreadsheets is a validation step. Meaning, if you know the number of people available, the handle time achieved, and the number of calls offered last week, it should be an easy exercise to plug those real world values into the spreadsheet to determine whether the […]

Work with HR to reduce attrition related to scheduling.

October 26 –   To reduce any attrition that could be related to scheduling, work in partnership with your HR Team and ensure lots of communication with your new hires right from the point of application for the position. We offer many types of schedules and have provided an Info Sheet for our recruiting team to […]

Allow time to innovate.

October 19 – Did you know that engineers at Google get paid part of their time to just think?  They ponder on new things, new ideas, ways to do things that make products and services better. In fact this is where a good number of products have come from that Google offers.  If it works […]

WFM as a value-add organization.

October 5 –   Many people have told me that Workforce Management is a cost center. There are some that don’t use that language, but most who use traditional terminology would agree that WFM isn’t a profit center — we don’t directly produce any revenue. We do, however, add VALUE to our organization and to our […]

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