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Work with your Operations team when creating new processes.

April 29 – If you are creating new schedules or implementing new scheduling processes, make sure to connect with your Operations team throughout the process.  You want to make sure they understand it before you implement anything new! Many times I have seen new procedures like shift bidding or staffing change processes implemented without the […]

Embrace the tension!

April 22 – WFM often feels tension as we are positioned to serve both the company needs and goals and the agent needs and goals.  Regardless of where WFM sits in your organization (operations, IT, HR, sales, etc), we are all asked to serve both sides. We’re asked to forecast when our customers will be […]

How flexible is your staff?

April 15 – Do you know how flexible your staff is?  Be sure to survey your agents to find out what they will or won’t accept for schedules and scheduling processes. With the trend being to be more “agent friendly,” it is better to survey the staff to find how flexible or inflexible they are […]

Transform workforce management with an app. 

April 8 – With over 2.7 billion people across the world using smartphones and the app industry thriving, now is the time for organizations to look at smartphone applications to help create a successful workplace management strategy as well as save time and money. By providing your employees with a solution that gives them remote […]

Dial “S” for Success. 

April 1 –  Before joining a new workforce management team within my company, I assumed a phone call was a phone call everywhere. Different kinds of calls came in and some calls were dialed out, but ultimately it was the same thing: a transaction that lasted a certain number of minutes. We measure how often […]

Mindsets matter.

March 25 – Mindsets matter. They shape what we do, how we do it, and most importantly why we do it. You’ve probably heard this all before, agreed with it, and moved on. You may have thought that the sales or service agents should probably read that article/watch that webinar/listen to that podcast, but mindsets […]

How to improve agent work-life balance.

March 18 – ​When Kirsten Taylor, a philanthropy services manager at a New Zealand-based estate planning company, heard about the company’s new work-life balance policy, her “jaw hit the ground.” Her company had just announced that its employees would be able to work four days and still receive pay for five.  “When it was announced there was […]

Approve vacations as soon as possible.

March 4 – In many contact centers, the Workforce Management team is responsible for reviewing, approving and scheduling vacations. As such, the WFM team plays a vital role in influencing the overall employee experience, positively or negatively. How quick vacation requests are actioned can make a big difference to an employee’s engagement. Most people like […]

Tips for optimizing breaks.

February 25 – Going from fixed breaks to flexible is often a difficult transition for agents.  Here are some tips for setting up some rules around flexible breaks. Determine a reasonable window of time in which the first break, lunch and second break can be scheduled.  An option for a window for an 8-hour shift […]

Create a formal action plan for call volume drivers.

February 18 – Have you ever noticed how the more experienced members of a Workforce Planning team seem to know intuitively when certain combinations of events are signals of problems in the contact center? Why not put some structure around those gut feelings and use it to help the entire team? To help identify and […]

Survey your agents to see what they REALLY think.

February 11 – It is easy to assume that we know what schedule preferences our agents will like the best.    We found out that maybe it isn’t so easy.  Our team conducted a survey of all our agents to get their feedback on a variety of staffing issues and got some great information. Our biggest […]