Manage your overstaffing just like you would manage your understaffing.

October 29 –

The ultimate goal of workforce management is to achieve an optimal agent occupancy. When agent occupancy is too high we have agent burnout which results in longer handle times, increased absenteeism etc. When agent occupancy is too low we have agent boredom which is just as bad.

In my call center, we have several ways we manage agent occupancy. First, we have an intelligent workload distributor which delivers a case to be worked when agents are between calls. The system monitors the agent availability and when there are more than two agents available for a given period of time then they are routed a case. This helps to manage both the immediate workload and the deferred workload.

Second, we offer voluntary go home time. This also assists with a good work/life balance. Third, we offer flex schedules. This is where the agent can elect to work reduced hours. An example is four 9-hour work days with Fridays off. All are good for employee engagement as it empowers the agent to manage their work day.

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