ActiveOps changes the game for enterprise EPM solutions, putting the productivity in Employee Productivity Monitoring

ActiveOps releases new automation to collect desktop task outcomes to add depth to existing EPM and WFM data.

READING, UK, 22/07/2021 — ActiveOps PLC, the management process automation company, today announces a major update to its leading enterprise EPM solution, WorkiQ. This latest enhancement, Collector, adds a new automated data collection capability that enables organisations to measure specific task outcomes, giving them the ability to count completed work. This unique, advanced capability comes after listening to feedback from ActiveOps customers and makes WorkiQ the only EPM solution enabling enterprises to truly connect activity time tracking to work outputs.

Going beyond simple tracking of time spent in various activities, Collector counts work completed, providing a true picture of productivity and real-time productivity insights to managers. Using this data, enterprises can further improve operational performance and management effectiveness. Equally important, this new capability allows managers to measure effectiveness based on output rather than screen time, mitigating a leading cause of employee burnout.

WorkiQ fills major gap in the EPM market

This update to WorkiQ fills a major gap in the EPM market. While most EPM solutions can inform you how people are spending their time – with varying degrees of accuracy – until now, none have been able to tell enterprises how much work is actually getting done.

“This innovation changes the game for employee performance measurement,” says Richard Jeffery, CEO of ActiveOps. “The EPM market has really picked up pace as enterprises attempt to build and embed hybrid working practices, which require accurate data to succeed. Collector means that WorkiQ provides a lifeline for managers drowning in activity data – which of course is only part of the performance story. This automation gives managers more time to lead their teams and make hybrid working a success.”

As with all ActiveOps solutions, WorkiQ and Collector are built using the best practices of ActiveOps’ proven Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology. Combining EPM and AOM helps enterprises to use real-time data to reinforce good behaviours and create an environment where employee performance is continually improving – without sacrificing wellbeing.

EPM solutions like WorkiQ are increasingly recognised as essential for getting the full view of operations necessary to define, plan and deliver hybrid working at an enterprise level. When managers are supporting remote teams, and may themselves be based from home or the office, it’s very difficult to get visibility of teams, their workloads, and their challenges. As a result, protecting employees from burnout and making decisions about workload are largely guessing games.

Without enterprise EPM – or even with poorly implemented time trackers – enterprises will struggle to keep managers effective and to keep employees happy. If left unchecked, these issues will cause staff turnover to increase just as enterprises need everyone working at peak productivity to take advantage of markets opening back up in the wake of the pandemic.

Drew Doble, Product Manager at ActiveOps, adds: “I am proud of this innovation from our product team. ActiveOps focuses on the health of the entire operation, and Collector allows us to put purpose and perspective into individual and team activities, without the need for cyber security style monitoring. This is about productivity, and that is where most EPM solutions get it wrong.”

With the addition of Collector, WorkiQ provides:

  • Automated data capture, capturing work counts in real time, wherever employees are working.
  • Enhanced visibility of data, seamlessly integrated into existing WorkiQ interactive dashboards, providing real-time insights at organisation, team and individual level.
  • No-code configuration, meaning work activities can be defined and configured easily, with no IT support or development time.
  • Enterprise-grade scalability, with seamless data collection proven to scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of users.

For enterprises, this data brings:

  • Visibility into not just how employees are spending their time, but how that time translates into output.
  • Increased opportunities to balance performance with wellbeing and reduce risk of employee burnout.
  • Better workload management, providing teams and individuals with the optimal amount of work to maintain and improve productivity.
  • Increase team efficiency and reduce costs of overtime and outsourcing.
  • A deeper understanding of the relationship between performance and productivity which can influence coaching and training efforts.
  • Greater ability to reward high productivity, not just high work time.


“We will continue to develop WorkiQ into the next generation of EPM solutions, with new capabilities and data layers to give our customers in depth insights into productivity and enable further performance improvements,” added Drew Doble.

Collector is available as part of the WorkiQ Premium package which provides data and insights into desktop activities and applications usage, employee wellbeing and now specific task outcomes.


About ActiveOps

ActiveOps helps organisations turn operational management from a guessing game into a game-changing source of efficiency and value. Our platform – including Workware+, the Active Operations Management (AOM) Method and OpsIndex – provides real-time employee productivity monitoring and workforce management technologies for a 360° view of your operations – both digital and human.

With more than 20 years of experience managing complex operations in labour- and knowledge-intensive industries such as banking and insurance, ActiveOps enables managers to transform productivity, secure employee wellbeing and create a platform for confident, constant transformation and market leadership.