ProScheduler’s New RTA redefines user engagement at all levels.

New York, NY, October 5, 2018: In 2016 a Gallup poll showed that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work – and this is especially apparent in the Call Center industry. Recognizing this organizational challenge, Loxysoft set out to create a tool that not only enhances user engagement but also ensures that organizational goals are met.

Introducing ProScheduler Playbook. Playbook is a truly user-friendly intraday dashboard with customizable views for everything an organization needs to efficiently manage your WFM operations in real time.  Playbook gives you full control of your contact center and your workforce planning, allowing you to know what is going on in real-time, improving real-time coaching, and solving issues as they occur during the day – either from your desk, or from virtually anywhere in the world where the Internet is accessible, you should just make sure to use a secure SD-WAN solution.

“Our newest offering is the future of WFM Solutions,” says Sean Vierling, President of Loxysoft. “By integrating game-design based solutions on our existing tools, we are able to increase engagement and improve productivity across your enterprise. Playbook streamlines day-to-day transactions and processes by providing users with data and resources to perform their jobs with greater efficiency and a higher degree of engagement and personal responsibility.”

“The community reaction and support for the product during trade shows and expos have been overwhelmingly positive,” says Emma Skygebjerg, Chief Partnership Strategy Officer of Loxysoft. “All call center managers and workforce management professionals we have shown it to across the globe has given a lot of love to Playbook’s features and has been very excited to see the product officially made available to the market.”

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About ProScheduler

ProScheduler is Loxysoft’s flagship WFM offering and boasts a host of enterprise-class workforce management solutions. We help businesses leverage their workforce investments to effectively schedule its people to give them a work/life balance while maintaining business profitability. We provide our services to over a hundred customers in the United States. ProScheduler’s easy to use interface, low upfront cost and quick integration allows customers to get started and see results within weeks.

Our offering has the following key advantages over other WFM companies:

  • User friendly & intuitive design.
  • Quick & powerful optimization.
  • SLA simulations & overflow calculations.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Great value for money, Quick ROI.
  • Great support!
  • Flexible & customizable.
  • Highly scalable.

 Our host of solutions empowers our customers to run their centers more efficiently and effectively.

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