Partnership with Winvale Expands Distribution for Contact Center Software Through GSA Schedule 70 Contract Vehicle

Press Release: Workforce Management Software Group, Inc.

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The WorkForce Management Software Group, Inc. (WFMSG), the provider of the market leading Community workforce optimization solution, today announced that WFMSG has partnered with Winvale to offer Community workforce management software to federal, state and local government agencies. Agencies can now order licensing, professional services and support services directly from Winvale’s GSA Schedule 70 price list.

“Community workforce optimization delivers very measureable benefits to government contact centers seeking to maximize resources and control operating costs,” says WFMSG CEO, Daryl A. Gonos. “Agencies from health care, employment services, utilities to 911 and 311 service centers can all realize significant savings using Community’s browser based optimization features. Our partnership with Winvale makes securing our product much easier for those agencies,” he concluded.

“Our number one priority is to provide our government customers proven technology solutions that are easy to justify and procure through our GSA Schedule and other government contract vehicles. Specific to workforce management, we feel that the Community workforce management solution truly allows government contact centers the opportunity to innovate and drive down overall operating costs. This is an ideal solution for agencies and departments that are tasked to do more with less while showing proven return-on-investments and cost reductions,” Kevin Lancaster, Winvale Managing Partner, said.