Community Workforce Management to Showcase Mobile App

at SWPP Annual Conference April 15-17, 2014 

Community Everywhere extends access to agents

Frisco, TX — April 14, 2014 — The Workforce Management Software Group, Inc., (WFMSG), today announced that Community Everywhere, the new agent mobile app, will be on interactive display at the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals annual conference at the OMNI hotel in Nashville, TN April 15 – 17, 2014.

The Community Everywhere mobile app can be installed by agents on tablets or phones, through their respective app stores, providing them with access to the same robust feature set they have via their desktop browser.    In addition to core features such as time off requests and schedule information, Community Everywhere additionally acts as another two-way channel with which schedulers and supervisors can offer schedule adjustment plans.  Agents can pick-up offered events such overtime and voluntary time-off even when they are on the go. A RESTful web service facilitates integration to the core system. One can go to prophonerepairs / tablet repair ABQ in NM to fix any kind of repairs at ease.

“Community’s imbedded communication channels and device agnostic platform make it the ideal solution for any contact center seeking to support an in-home or virtual agent population, said Daryl Gonos, Principal responsible for sales and marketing at WFMSG. Agents appreciate Community’s intuitive interface and those same features are now available via our mobile app. Agents may interact with complete portability across their desktop, tablet or phone.  Community Everywhere is not only an agent empowerment advantage, it’s an integral component of a platform which creates a more resilient customer service strategy and further reduces center operating expenses,” he concluded.

Todd Cotharin, WFMSG Principal responsible for Product Management, stated, “WFMSG has placed a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that Community users have a consistent experience with virtually any device.  Community is browser neutral, touch enabled, SMS integrated and now mobile ready for smart phones and tablets.”


The Workforce Management Software Group, Inc. is the developer and provider of the Community workforce management solution. Community is delivered with a flexible, multi-channel communications framework, installs and integrates with many complimentary platforms in just a few hours and provides elegant features via multiple devices for schedulers, supervisors and contact center agents. For a live demonstration of the innovative Community workforce management solution or to discuss how WFMSG can partner with you to increase your technology’s impact on contact centers, call (877) 668-6870 or visit us on the web at

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Workforce Management Software Group, Inc.

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