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QATC Announces Publication of QATC Survey Report

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – October 29, 2013 – The Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) is proud to announce the publication of the QATC Survey Report, Best Practices in Contact Center Hiring, Training, & Quality Assurance, which contains 80 pages of exciting information including interesting insight into the organization, structure, processes, problems, and solutions in the areas of hiring, training, and quality assurance. This report provides information that can assist organizations in understanding how their processes compare to others as well as new ideas for performance improvement based on what other organizations have implemented with success.

There are many industry reports on the state of technology in the contact center today. But the success of customer interactions often depends more on the people side of the contact center than the technology side. Therefore, it’s important to understand best practices at getting the right staff on board, training them well, and reviewing their customer conversations to ensure each interaction delivers value.

Thousands of training and development professionals as well as quality assurance team members participate in QATC events and programs, including the association’s quarterly surveys on industry problems and best practices. QATC has been surveying call center quality assurance (QA) and training professionals on a wide variety of topics since 2008. Hundreds of contact center professionals, representing all types and sizes of organizations, respond to these surveys each quarter. This report is a compilation of those surveys and some detailed commentary on the results.

For more information about the report, you may download the Executive Summary at no charge on the QATC website.  The full QATC Survey Report is available for purchase for $99 for QATC members or $199 for non-members. The report is available as a PDF download and can be ordered from the QATC online store.

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