Teleopti AB – Jul 22, 2013 15:16 BST

Stockholm, 22 July: Teleopti, a global leader in workforce management (WFM) software for contact centres, today announced that their solution Teleopti CCC is available also in Japanese.

Teleopti CCC is a solution built to handle the complex work rules and requirements globally. With the addition of Japanese, Teleopti CCC is now available in more than 30 languages, and works perfectly for the unique needs of customers worldwide.

“We are pleased to work alongside Teleopti who is one of the few dedicated global suppliers of workforce management solution, something that is very appreciated in the market. It is also in line with our recent signing of a global partnership with Teleopti. Together we can now provide the Japanese market with a best of breed WFO solution”, says Takeshi Koga, President ASC Japan

A user interface where each customer can use the product in their preferred language and with many localized features for specific needs means it can be configured (not customized) for many work rules. Examples are right-to-left screen orientation, “bus scheduling” in Turkey and time management features for special work rules in Germany as well as an overall flexible and user-defined rules engine.

“Teleopti is a very customer driven company where the product development is based on customer input. The translation of Teleopti CCC into Japanese is proof of our close relationship with customers and partners and the importance we put on localization”, says Niclas Haner, Technical Director, Teleopti APAC

Teleopti has an extensive network of partners and many offices around the world which ensures extensive local support. The fact that 9 out of 10 customers would recommend Teleopti to others bears witness of their high customer satisfaction.


About ASC
ASC is a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyse and evaluate multimedia-based communications. ASC’s solutions reveal information, enabling companies and organisations to considerably improve their value creation: contact centers enhance customer service, efficiently deploy staff and increase productivity. Financial institutions fulfill documentation requirements, achieve a higher level of legal security and reduce costs. First responders and public safety organisations enhance reactivity in emergency situations.

TELEOPTI is the leading provider of solutions for strategic Workforce Management as well as Telecom Expense Management.

The company is renowned for developing advanced and user-friendly solutions based on clients’ requirements. Hundreds of enterprises around the world rely on solutions from Teleopti to attain optimal operational efficiency and provide the highest levels of service.

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