WorkFlex Solutions, the industry leader in Intelligent Intraday Automation™ for contact centers announced today the introduction of an enhancement to its patented intelligent employee self-scheduling technology that empowers multi-skilled contact center agents to change their work-type in addition to their work-hours.

WorkFlex technology has transformed schedule-change management in contact centers by empowering agents with the ability to preview and select pre-approved work-hour change opportunities in a way that ensures each change actually helps optimize staffing levels within a skill queue. This enhancement takes this “on-demand” transformation to the next level by empowering agents with the ability to preview and select pre-approved work-type change opportunities in a way that ensures each change actually helps optimize staffing capacity across multiple “front-line” and “back-office” skill queues.

“Although over 90% of all work-hour changes can be agent-initiated and automatically approved through the WorkFlex intelligent self-scheduling app, virtually 100% of work-type changes remain company initiated,” said Larry Schwartz CEO WorkFlex Solutions. “With this enhancement, a high percentage of all work-type changes can also be agent initiated. If a multi-skilled agent is interested in getting off the phones on Friday afternoon, they may be able to pre-view and instantly select non-phone activities such as email, and/or payment processing if the voice queue is projected to be overstaffed and a non-voice is projected to be understaffed at that time. The more work-type changes the agents make the less load-balancing work there is left for workforce administrators to address.”

“It’s time for the WFM paradigm to change as it’s not working as well as it should for contact centers,” said Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting. “Employees want the flexibility to set their schedules and select working hours, breaks, lunches, vacations, etc. Giving agents the ability to select their work type will improve employee engagement and help to reduce attrition and shrinkage.”

“Omni-channel staffing optimization and agent empowerment are two key focus areas within the contact center industry and this latest innovation from WorkFlex effectively delivers both at the same time,” added Rebecca Wise Girson, Principal Consultant at Wise Workforce Strategies. “WorkFlex is a great example of a company that is helping to make the vision of on-demand contact center scheduling a reality.”

WorkFlex Solutions will be showcasing its Intelligent Intraday Automation technology at the Annual Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) conference April 4-6 2016 in Nashville, TN.

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