WorkFlex Solutions, the Industry Leader in Intelligent Intraday Automation™ for Contact Centers announced that it has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that empowers employees with the flexibility to change their schedules anywhere/anytime while ensuring that each change actually helps optimize staffing levels.

Within the contact center industry, real-time automated, intelligent self-scheduling enables companies to provide their employees the schedule-change flexibility their employees really want through a user-interface that enables them to preview pre-approved schedule-change opportunities, that, if selected, can be instantly approved. The Intelligent UI correlates projected staffing variances against agent attributes such as skills, proficiency and work-hours using configurable business rules, so that opportunities for adding hours are presented during projected understaffed intervals and opportunities for time-off are are presented during projected overstaffed intervals.

“Just as we have on-demand products and services, WorkFlex provides agents with the option to work on-demand,” said Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Adviser and contributing writer for Forbes. “Can you imagine how much better that is for not only contact center managers trying to predict staffing needs but also the agents themselves who seek flexibility? I love this idea.”

“The award of this patent (USPTO #9,280,754) underscores the true uniqueness of the WorkFlex solution,” said Larry Schwartz CEO WorkFlex Solutions. Intelligent agent self-scheduling eliminates the traditional cost-benefit trade-off associated with providing agents with work-life balance empowerment. Ensuring that each schedule-change actually reduces projected staffing variances means that the more agents change their schedules, the more optimized the overall schedule becomes.”

“By transforming employees into active business partners, WorkFlex technology is actively transforming contact center operations,” added Mitesh Desai, COO, WorkFlex Solutions. “Clients that have deployed the WorkFlex Intelligent Mobile App have reported improvement in positive agent satisfaction scores by as much as 400%, and staffing variance reductions of over 50% – a true win-win for contact center employees and their employers.”

About WorkFlex Solutions:
WorkFlex Solutions LLC is the industry leader in Intelligent Intraday Automation solutions for contact centers. Our award-winning technology maximizes agent self-scheduling flexibility, optimizes intraday performance and reduces workforce administration overhead. Designed to easily integrate with existing Workforce Management (WFM) and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) systems, WorkFlex enables clients to leverage their existing enterprise software investments, and quickly generate a positive ROI. WorkFlex deployments span multiple industry sectors including financial services, communications, healthcare, automotive, cable/sat and government.