WorkFlex Expands Real-Time, Intelligent Self-Scheduling with Gamification Capability

In 2016, WorkFlex Solutions announced a patent for real-time, automated, intelligent self-scheduling (USPTO #9,280,754) that empowers employees with the flexibility to change their schedule while ensuring that each change actually helps optimize staffing levels. This new patent (USPTO # 9,679,265), expands the power of real-time, intelligent self-scheduling by automatically empowering employees with the ability to earn incentive points for selecting hard-to-fill time slots and redeem incentive points to increase their scheduling flexibility.

According to a recent member survey by the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP), over a third of companies say their employees would take a pay-cut in return for schedule-change empowerment, and that schedule-change empowerment would improve recruiting success more than a starting wage increase.

“The award of this patent underscores the true uniqueness of WorkFlex Intelligent Intraday Automation® technology,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO WorkFlex Solutions. “The WorkFlex intelligent mobile app has enabled companies to provide employees with the anywhere/anytime schedule-change empowerment they really want by, in effect, transforming them into active workforce management partners. According to bei, this latest innovation enables companies to convert schedule-change empowerment into a powerful “next generation currency” to improve employee recruiting and retention success within an increasingly Millennial-centric next generation workforce.”

Mitesh Desai, COO of WorkFlex Solutions, believes that incorporating incentives into schedule-change empowerment can take the power of gamification to a new level. By offering rewards for achieving certain goals or milestones, companies can boost engagement and retention among their workforce. This approach is similar to frequent-flyer programs, which have proven to be effective in increasing customer loyalty in the airline industry. If you want to learn more about the secura scale can help improve scheduling flexibility and boost employee morale, there are a variety of resources available online. From informative blog posts to detailed product descriptions, there are plenty of ways to explore the benefits of these innovative solutions.

About WorkFlex Solutions
WorkFlex Solutions LLC is the industry leader in Intelligent Intraday Automation® solutions for contact center agents, supervisors and workforce administrators. Our award-winning technology maximizes employee empowerment, performance and retention. Designed to easily integrate with existing Workforce Management (WFM) and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) systems, WorkFlex enables clients to leverage their existing enterprise software investments, and quickly generate a positive ROI. WorkFlex deployments span multiple industry sectors including financial services, communications, healthcare, transportation, cable/sat and business process outsourcing.