Posted On: 9-12-2016
Position Title: Senior Manager WFM Shared Production Center Manila
Job Location: Manila, Philippines
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The job position is within the Workforce Management department of Customer Care Operations Support. The role deals with development and establishment of WFM Shared Production Centers and is responsible for WFM Operations.

Position in company

Reports to the AVP of Workforce Management Operations NA

Job description

Managing WFM Shared Production Center. Responsible for WFM Operations.

Main duties/outcome objectives

(Human side) Responsible for the performance and general development of WFM Shared Production Centers;

  • High performance support for all supported accounts by managing workload and development
  • Efficient utilization of WFM resources
  • Work with HR and Recruitment to improve inflow, life cycle and retention.
  • Establishing what capabilities are required and in how far team has the potential to fulfil these requirements;
  • Create environment for development and high performance

(Product side) Development and continuous improvement of WFM, in such a way that optimum service is available. Among other things referring to:

  • Developing, optimising and concluding the structure, systems, instruments and procedures in relation to forecast and planning, production capacity, staff planning and intra-day management;
  • Continuous improvement aiming for a more efficient and effective schedule and WFM operation
  • Determine conditions and targets of planning;
  • Managing expectations of internal customer (WFM Program Management and Operations)
  • Increasing satisfaction level of internal customer (WFM Program Management and Operations)
  • Solve alterations in company regulations regarding planning and schedules whilst consulting HRM department.
  • Implement Standard Way of Working, SOP’s
  • Align with Standard Operational Procedures
  • Align with COPC quality standard

(Implementation) In charge of ensuring a successful WFM Operations. Among other things referring to:

  • Organising and allocating of work for Planners and Traffic
  • Increasing satisfaction level of stakeholders (CTM, DM, TL, Agents, Planners)
  • Achieving set targets/target planning
  • In charge of troubleshooting and problem solution
  • Dealing with complaints and dissatisfaction in regards to the planning

Social interaction

Discussing planning and available capacity with all those concerned.

Directing the Planners. Consulting with Client Team Managers and Account Management about nature and scope of potential projects. Discussing team line up and idle-time and consulting particular details with all those concerned. Positioning of planning aimed towards Client Teams. Intermediating role in the occurrence of complaints and problems.

Specific personal requirements

Proficient at communicating at different levels within the organisation (Agents, Planners, CTM, Management)

Job requirements

Professional experience and education level

Master degree preferably logistics, economics or mathematics background

Work experience in call centre environment with planning

Managerial experience




Communication skills


Customer orientated

Organization awareness


Analytical and numerical insight

Strong communication skills

MS Office and specifically Excel


Good knowledge of contact centre procedures

Thorough knowledge of traffic theory (erlang) and WFM.