November 22 –

Have you ever heard someone in your department say, “I can’t do that task yet – I don’t have the information from (insert other area of the organization here).”  It is important to set some expectations and deadlines for deliverables that are needed in different areas of workforce management so that each group can meet their own deadlines.

Scheduling, Operations, and the Real-Time Desk should have written expectations for deliverables that are required for each group to perform. You may have items from Operations that are needed in Scheduling before schedule production, then the schedules have to be out in time for Real-Time and Operations to perform.  Then Real-Time has to have things in advance to ensure the staffing needs are met — and the circle goes around.

These timelines and deliverables all need to have written agreement from all the major players in advance.  If one fails, they all fail, or the business does not get the needed information.

Note: This week’s tip provided SWPP Board Member Rick Seeley.  He may be reached at