INDIANAPOLIS, April 23, 2020 – When orders to shelter in place and work from home swept the globe, Sharpen Technologies, developers of the agent-first omnichannel cloud contact center platform, was able to get their clients up and running in less than 48-hours, with many reporting dramatic improvements in call times, CSAT scores and their bottom lines. One leading fintech company, with 700 agents working in centers around the world, transitioned their entire operations in less than eight hours, experiencing a reduction in handle times by 4% and a projected savings of more than $760,000 annually.

“With the Sharpen platform, agents are not only able to work seamlessly from anywhere, but supervisors can manage their teams remotely with real-time visibility into their operations with Insights, our data and analytics reporting package, and our QA tools,” said Sharpen Chief Data Scientist Ric Kosiba.

Another client of Sharpen’s, a tech-service and support company, has seen an 80% improvement in hold times and a 6-point increase in CSAT scores. They also exceeded all the metrics of their service-level agreement from a virtual call center environment.

“With the success our clients are finding, many are reevaluating the need to go back to a complete ‘brick and mortar’ operation when things settle down,” noted Kosiba. “They like the flexibility and real-time analytics of the Sharpen platform and are quickly recognizing the financial gains the work from anywhere model provides concerning overhead and attrition.”

About Sharpen Technologies 

Sharpen Technologies is the world’s first, truly agent-focused contact center platform built in the cloud for the cloud. The omnichannel platform lets users seamlessly transition between calls, texts, webchats, emails, social media, video, etc. all in real-time and in a single interaction. Sharpen was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan’s Contact Center Buyers Guide, North America (2019) for its “dramatic ROI,” “out-of-the-box integrations” and “powerful reporting and analytics tools,” while Nemertes Research called Sharpen a “Top-Rated Contact Center Solutions Provider” (2018). The company has been named one of the “Best Places to Work” by Inc. magazine (2019) and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce (2017, 2018). Visit Sharpen on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the Sharpen blog.

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