Integrate WFM into your new hire training program.

How closely is workforce management aligned with learning and development? When you have new hires, are they introduced to workforce management early on? Do trainees receive feedback on their adherence to their schedule?

While you may not count your trainees in your normal reporting, it is important that trainees understand early on how to use your  workforce management system and what the processes are. A good portion of any training program should include lots of hands on practice and tracking of proficiency. Even though  they’re in training, set them up with a schedule and provide them with feedback and coaching in the classroom so that they have plenty of time to adjust their behavior and get the hang of things.

As trainees are expected to ramp up to their production numbers, it may make sense to also have WFM metrics that they need to ramp up to as well. This will help ease them into the process, which can be intimidating for those who are new to a contact center environment.

By integrating your WFM process into your new hire training program, doing it early, and offering lots of feedback, this will help ensure that trainees are proficient in your processes by the time they hit the floor!

Note: This tip is provided by SWPP Member Micah Schrom, CWPP. Micah may be reached at