We’re Not In Hollywood Anymore…The True Path Out Of Zombieland!!!

By Yvonne Ba, Genesys

Zombieland…For some people, this brings to mind the guilty pleasure of sitting in the dark, hording our popcorn while gleefully watching one of the corniest, but still somehow satisfying, shows out there. We can draw some parallels to life in a contact center. We call it “zombiefication,” and it’s a very real infection.

In fact, some of you may recall seeing this theme if you attended the SWPP annual conference where my esteemed colleague, Tom Tritten, and I had the privilege to present a session based on zombiefication. We were impressed that this idea resonated so completely with many of the attendees we spoke with! You are some of the most knowledgeable Workforce Optimization and Workforce Management professionals in the industry and most of you, if not all, have seen zombiefication occurring in your teams to some extent.

One size does not fit all!

Zombies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are obvious…some not so much. Here are some contact center zombies that might be familiar to you. Each one requires a different prescription to cure them:

You’ve seen them staring blindly into their powerfully strong espresso drinks…stress written all over their faces and a truly wild look in their bloodshot eyes. They’re trying to figure out the impact of the digital age
on customers.


Oh those lifeless eyes. A spreadsheet worked fine when the contact center was voice only, and a few agents. But the business has grown. There is a better way to plan!


There’s a whole slew of them out there – chained to their desks, rotting in a perpetual cycle of monotonous tasks. Waiting for work, breaks, change approvals. In dire need of training. How can they break these chains!?


She’s being clawed at from all sides. Ineffective scheduling makes her job more stressful. She doesn’t know who’s in, who’s off, who needs training and when. She needs to add method to the madness!


This zombie is aimlessly wandering around looking forbrains and intelligence. He’s staring at various reports with different bits of information on each. He needs integrated cross-channel data and meaningful reports.


These are the over-worked, over-stressed, and overly-costlydue-to-unwanted-overtime zombies that run amok in contact centers all over the world. Intelligent routing that takes into account skills and schedules is the cure!

Safe passage through Zombieland!

We heard some great stories and ideas from our audience at SWPP. We also discussed some tangible cures for zombiefication that involve more effective planning for your workforce, and some tips and tricks to enable your  agents to be more engaged.

So take a look around your business…are some of your employees staring blindly into their empty coffee mugs through blood-shot eyes? Tearing their hair out? Asleep on their keyboards?

Find out more about the symptoms of zombiefication, and how to keep your team human, in the new eBook: Don’t Let Your Contact Center Workforce Become the Walking Dead. You can download this book on our website at www.genesys.com.