Under Construction!  The Call for Speakers has gone out to the SWPP membership, and we will put together an amazing agenda soon!  Check back to this page for updates.  For examples of sessions from last year’s agenda, see the information below. 


Draft Agenda
2021 Virtual Summit for Workforce Management
April 5-27, 2021

(NOTE:  All sessions are one hour in length and presented live via WebEx and will be recorded for attendees to view later)

Monday, April 5

11:00 AM ET – Roadmap to the 2021 Virtual Summit & Workforce Management Professional of the Year Award Ceremony.  Join us for this exciting kick-off to the 2020 Virtual Summit for Workforce Management. You’ll see how this conference will replicate all the things you loved about the in-person conferences, including a look at this year’s how-to workshops, panel discussions, games and activities, sponsor showcases, and the many networking opportunities. We’ll show you how to navigate the conference, including how to participate in the workshops, use the conference app on your computer or phone, and visit the virtual conference web site to hear session recordings, visit sponsor booths, and find a wealth of educational resources. We will follow up with our 2021 WFM Professional of the Year Ceremony, where we will introduce the five finalists for our Workforce Management Professional of the Year award.  After you meet the finalists, we will announce the 2021 winner of this prestigious award.

12:30 PM ET – How You Must Rethink Staffing Strategies in 2021.  Your frontline employees look very different than ten, five, or even two years ago. One reason they’re different may be due to agent attrition, since turnover is at an all-time high and you have a constant sea of new faces. But even the staff you’ve managed to keep around are different agents today. New tools and technologies, shifting work environments, escalating customer expectations, and evolving employee priorities are changing the way we must think about contact center staffing.  This session will discuss the four main factors impacting staffing and then outline strategies we must rethink related to hiring, training, scheduling, coaching, and motivating today’s contact center agent.  – Speakers:  Penny Reynolds & Maggie Klenke

2:00 PM ET – Balance Work-from-Home and Office Staffing: WFM Tools to Enable the Work-from Anywhere Workforce.  With COVID-19 vaccines becoming more prevalent and people feeling better about being in public spaces, more companies are considering if, when and how to bring employees back to the office. There is still uncertainty about how safe it will be to return to a traditional centralized contact center model or whether we should keep the workforce at home.  Many contact centers are evaluating hybrid approaches, using both remote and on premise schedules. In this session, we will discuss how workforce management features can be used to seamlessly enable “work-from-anywhere” agents. We’ll also review the how to leverage a mix of remote and in office workers to get the best of both worlds. – Speakers:  Michael Kropidlowski & Eric Hagaman, Aspect

3:30 PM ET – Where Do Your Goals Come From?  While there is no “industry standard” for many of the metrics that we measure, our management teams are always asking us what other companies are doing.  Come to this session ready to share your key metrics – and how they were determined – and hear the same information from the other attendees as well.  – Panelists:  Mark Rhodes, Edward Jones, Rick Seeley, Everise, Jason Hilliard, Radio Systems, & Marisa Wilkinson, Transamerica

Tuesday, April 6

11:00 AM ET – Where Are We Going?  Looking Into the Future of the Industry.  Will bots be doing WFM in the future?  Will we have Uber agents working from tablets and mobile devices while they catch Pokémon in between calls? Technology is changing seemingly at the speed of light and what do you need to be prepared for and thinking about to stay one step ahead, not just in WFM, but in partnering with an ever-changing workforce. A panel of long time industry veterans shares not only what they see in our future, but how they maintained “fresh space” to keep an eye on the prize while navigating the sea of change.  – Moderator:  Todd Gladden, PlanMen – Panelists:  Todd Hixson, Hulu, Dan Smitley, World Travel Holdings, & Jason Persico, Wyndham Destinations

12:30 PM ET – Genesys Sponsor Spotlight Showcase. 

2:00 PM ET – Digital Channel Management with Machine Learning 2.0.  How people communicate is fundamentally transforming due to the rise in digital channels. These changes include how consumers interact with companies they choose to do business with. For the contact center, this means challenging long-standing assumptions about contact interactions, how they are measured, and how WFM tools need more sophistication via machine learning to handle the rigors of forecasting and scheduling in a digital channel-driven world.  – Speaker:  Nick Martin, NICE

3:30 PM ET – Meet the Board SWPP Meet.  Join the SWPP Board of Advisors for a SWPP Meet, as they present issues and solutions in today’s call center. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to network with your workforce management peers and discuss your toughest workforce management problems. It’s also a great time to meet the Board members and find out more about this group of industry leaders that directs SWPP’s activities and programs. – Panelists:  Bob Dobson, Stubhub, Jeff Bretana, Navy Federal Credit Union, Dan Smitley, World Travel Holdings, Jessica Harris, Safe Auto, Kristi Holcombe, Travelers, Todd Gladden, PlanMen, Jason Persico, Wyndham Destinations, & Louise Andrew, Accor Hotels

Wednesday, April 7

11:00 AM ET – Adherence:  A Detailed Look.  Understanding the inner-workings of calculating and measuring adherence can drastically improve your operation’s performance. To extract the best results of implementing an adherence program, we will review the important pieces: setting aligned goals, collecting data accurately and interpreting properly to take action.  Join Ashley Cooper and Brandon Emms from Green Shield Canada as they review everything adherence related. – Speakers: Brandon Emms & Ashley Cooper, Green Shield Canada

12:30 PM ET – Aspect Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  In this demo session from Aspect, you’ll experience a snapshot of the latest updates for Aspect® Workforce Optimization. This release delivers our most advanced WFM solution for the mobile workforce. Learn about the powerful new features that make the job of the workforce planner easier and more efficient — including enabling real-time adherence management in the web, enhanced self-service schedule flexibility, intra-day performance for mobile supervisors and more. – Speaker:  Kyle Pendleton, Aspect

2:00 PM ET – Human Centricity in Action.  What if you could make your routing domains dance in unison with your Workforce Engagement Management capabilities? If you could make your agents more of a central input than a fixed output to your plans? If you could manage and engage in a new world as the future of work is different, whichever way you turn? If you could finally escape complexity and continuously improve? What if your customers recognize that? Genesys believes the next decade will finally change some ancient paradigms, ones that hold us back because we always did it that way. Let’s not build faster horses this time. Join us for some radical and unreasonable storytelling. –  Speaker:  Merijn te Booij, Genesys

3:30 PM ET – Pandemic 2020: A Panel Discussion on the Migration to Work-From-Home.  2020 brought many challenges, but the WFM effort of staff logistics has been a unique one.  In our panel, we will discuss variances in migration processes and procedures factors such as performance metrics, attrition rates, schedules flexibility, and hiring and training processes. Pros and cons of at-home vs in-office logistics will be examined as well as various recommendations and conclusions from the panel members.  – Panelists:  Marcus Smith, Wyndham Destinations, Robert Allen, Rochester Regional Health, Jeff Bretana, Navy Federal Credit Union, & Jessica Harris, Safe Auto

Thursday, April 8

11:00 AM ET – Into the Unknown – How to Not Get Frozen When Implementing Back Office WFM. In this session we will speak frankly about the context of back office workforce planning and management, and why it is not all that foreign to what you already do in contact center. Do you want to build a schedule? Or do you want to just build a forecast? We’ll talk about what people can’t just Let it Go when it comes to letting you make changes, and implement WFM in their world. Back office is not all that scary, it’s just misunderstood – if you know the history and context of WFM you can apply it anywhere. – Speaker:  Marshall Lee, ttec

12:30 PM ET – NICE WFM Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  Join us to see how you can do long-term strategic/capacity planning in an intuitive, cloud-based application that is integrated with NICE IEX.   This integration, means a single point of administration and it allows you to utilize NICE’s AI Forecasting.  However, you can also import your own custom forecasts, if you plan based on forecasts that are provided via another source.  See how to plan for staff for different locations or sites and be wowed by our multiple chart, dashboard view that that allows for interactive drag and drop editing. – Speaker:  Brent Haferkamp, NICE

2:00 PM ET – Applying New Art to the Science of Workforce Management.  We’ve always considered workforce management as an art and science.  With bots completing work, customers reaching out on channels they would have never considered this time last year and employees looking for hyper flexible work schedules, it’s time to apply new art to our science.  This session will discuss what’s changing and techniques to address these new trends. – Speaker:  Trudy Cannon, Verint

3:30 PM ET – Building Interactive Reports to Find Value in WFM Data.  This session will explore the value of using interactive Business Intelligence tools to provide insight and help make informed business decisions. We will talk through how we source WFM and Operations data, general problems we aim to solve, and visualization design principles for accomplishing those goals. We will also review example reports and the value they provide to our business partners. – Speaker:  Brett Copp & Samantha Hudak, Discover Financial Services

Friday, April 9

11:00 AM ET – Strategic Planning and Project Management for Workforce Management.  In this session we will talk about how to lay out a strong strategy to execute on WFM projects.  How do you best align the vision for the team to meet company goals and measure success?  How do you share impacts and importance of WFM projects to stakeholders using a variety of communication tools?  We will take you through how to evaluate your projects and assign them a score and to clearly map out dependencies and success. – Speakers:  Jill Barry, Wix, & Tatiana Goff-Morrell & Ken Chiu, Uber

12:30 PM ET – Call Design Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Know is Broken.  There are so many products, so many processes, so many demands placed on you every minute of your workday – how do you know if you are doing the right things?  If you meet the demands of your business do you sacrifice the needs of your employees?  When you are in the middle of the storm, can you see the way out?  Call Design is here to help!  With 45 years of experience across the globe, our consultants can help put together a game plan to help you do your job better.  Do you need to automate manual tasks that are taking way too long to complete?  Do you need to bring in new solutions and technology to help you or your team perform better?  Do you need a quick “sanity” check to feel more comfortable that you do have the right solutions and processes to make your company successful?  Join us for a lively discussion on how Call Design has been helping organizations like yours become high performing in a matter of weeks!  — Speakers:  Michelle Gaffney, Shawn McCormick, & Nathan Hollman, Call Design

2:00 PM ET – Humans and Technology Intersect at the Future of Customer Service.  Recent headlines argued that coronavirus would usher in the death of the call center, but even today non-voice channels like email, chatbots, social media, and self-service still only account for a portion of customer service interactions. When customers cannot resolve issues through non-voice channels, they turn to agents, because people solve problems for other people.  Hear why solving the call center data problem is crucial for improving the agent and customer experiences while reducing operating costs. You will learn more about: the challenge of taking advantage, in real time, of the massive amounts of data generated by call centers; how AI-powered automation can be used to support your customer service teams, and the positive impacts of automation when applied alongside, not in replacement of, humans. – Speaker:  Tom Russell, Intradiem

3:30 PM ET – The Secret Sauce to the Future of your Digital Transformation is your Talent! Attract, Retain and Win in 2021 and Beyond.  Looking for the secret sauce to creating an environment that is a game changer to attract the top talent?  This session is where you will find the right ingredients to put together a winning strategy and change the agent experience for the workforce of tomorrow.  Put together the right work environment that includes the wants and needs of your agents, tools that increase their ability to support your customers with access to information with ease, and the workforce management tools you need to successfully manage your team is the recipe for attracting top talent and growing your business.  Can you do this?  YES!  Maximize your investments and realize true ROI today!  — Speaker:  Cory Haynes, Talkdesk

Monday, April 12

11:00 AM ET – Seven Ways COVID-19 Affected My WFM Role.  A repeat session from our 2020 virtual conference, we will go through some of the specific ways the pandemic has shuffled workforce management processes and what that meant for forecasts, schedules, and staffing models. – Speaker:  Tiffany LaReau, Human Numbers

12:30 PM ET – Calabrio Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  A New Technology for a New Era: Calabrio WFM.  There’s no question the needs of the modern contact center have changed. Join us as we show how Calabrio WFM can help you meet the moment, through personalized agent empowerment and easy self-service, smart forecasting and scheduling for WFM resource planners, and performance, efficiency and intraday management.  Make it easy for agents to have a voice in their schedules, personalized through forecasting methodologies and reporting dashboards tailored to your business, and smart by using a scheduling agent that can generate schedules using multiple different variables. Learn how Calabrio can help.  – Speaker: Shane Krevis, Calabrio

2:00 PM ET – Selecting Employees Who Stay.  Delivering on the promise of an exceptional customer experience requires the right mix of people, process and technologies. It’s more important than ever for your employees to possess the communication, language, critical thinking and engagement skills needed to represent your brand. But, how can you assess each candidate across all these dimensions in a timely, unbiased, and predictive manner? And how can operational insight be injected into the hiring process to identify employees who are most likely to perform better and stay longer? Join us to hear how technology and automation enhances the selection of candidates with staying power and high performance. We will discuss how AI-enabled candidate assessments of specific metrics, attributes and preferences indicate employee performance and proficiency, while identifying intrinsic traits that predict employee engagement and on-the-job effectiveness. – Speaker:  Nathan Stearns, NICE

3:30 PM ET – WFM in Non-Traditional Contact Markets.  When most of us think of workforce management, we tend to think about contact centers with channels like Inbound, Chat, Email and Outbound calls.  In fact, WFM processes and practices can be applied in other contact areas like Back Office Processing, Retail, Nursing/Healthcare, Museums, and Grocery stores.  This panel session will feature experienced WFM leaders that share their experience in these “Non-Traditional” WFM areas.  Come hear how WFM practices and methods are being applied in other channels and what best practices should be applied. – Panelists:  Sandra McFatridge, Nissan, Bob Dobson, StubHub, Tyler McGary, Sun Life Financial, & Kirwyn Adderley, Walgreens

Tuesday, April 13

11:00 AM ET – Workforce Management in the Agile Age.  Contact Centers have to be adaptive. Workforce planning is not as static as it once was. Much like project management in software design we could once design in a cascade or full plan mode, now we have to think in user stories, and CX as an experience of the moment. Agile is not new, but it is newer as a way to run contact centers. In this session we will talk about how to think of agile terms and concepts and apply them to schedules and capacity planning – and how you may already be doing that. No single session will make you a Scrum Master, however you can come away with a foundational exposure to agile concepts to set you on a path to thinking adaptively and about the end user of your service.  – Speaker:  Marshall Lee, ttec

12:30 PM ET – Pipkins Sponsor Spotlight Showcase session.  Pipkins Presents: Advanced Forecasting.  Forecasting is a crucial part of workforce planning for any industry, especially contact centers. In this session, Pipkins will cover some of the essential tools and tricks behind precision forecast generation. Creating an accurate, all-encompassing predictive model may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! – Speakers:  Alan Mayer & Jim Hogan, Pipkins

2:00 PM ET – Using Data, Models, and Analyses to Manage a Distributed Workforce.  Contact center management is tough and managing your team when you can’t see them is tougher.  In this session, we’ll look to answer some important questions using data, analytics, and modeling, that in the olden days we used to be able to answer with our eyes and our intuition.  Our standard metrics do not cut it in this blind work-at-home environment. Questions like:  What are my agents doing, what are they experiencing, and are they efficient?  How are my agents and supervisors performing? Is my contact center achieving its mission?  Is my contact center efficient?  Who are our customers and what is their behavior? What are my customers experiencing?  How can we cut costs? What should our goals be? How do we calculate improvement ROI? Like always, please come prepared to discuss what analytics you use to manage your at-home workforce!  – Speaker:  Ric Kosiba, Sharpen

3:30 PM ET – Future of Work and Workforce Planning in a Distributed World.  Last year, our world shifted overnight, and unexpectedly most customer interactions moved to digital. We saw considerable spikes in service volumes across phone, chat, text, and social media, leaving support teams struggling to manage their workloads. The way service teams used to work, with employees handling only one support channel at a time, turning to ask a coworker a question, flagging down a supervisor for help, or just balancing their work schedules, was done as we knew it. That’s because we all had to move our service operations out of the contact center and into the living rooms of agents, supervisors, and planners. With the job of customer service becoming more challenging but also more strategic, there is an increased need to augment the workforce with automation, AI, and self-service. So how do we connect routing, planning, and scheduling across these platforms including asynchronous and synchronous channels, rely on data and insights to support a comprehensive workforce strategy, and finally ensure companies can drive quality, efficiency and engagement each step of the workforce management lifecycle? Join us for an intriguing but realistic conversation on modern workforce engagement. — Speaker:  Poorvi Shrivastav, Salesforce

Wednesday, April 14

11:00 AM ET – The Specialty Forecast:  Refining the Taste of Success.   Time series regressions. Simulation vs Erlang. Shrinkage components.  All of these terms may be familiar to the typical forecaster, but do they really man much to finance, marketing, or most important the front line agent who wants to be spending time with their family, not sitting in available for 20 minutes at a time on Christmas Eve?  This session covers special use forecasting and holiday factors.  We will look at how to adjust (and partner) with marketing to showcase the WFM team as the providers of one’s cake while getting to eat it to!  Finally, we will touch on the art, science and politics of the dreaded what if forecast…you know–the one they need in 5 minutes. – Speaker:  Todd Hixson, Hulu

12:30 PM ET – Playvox Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  Playvox WFM: Delivering optimization to the Service Heart of Modern Business.  The demands of customers on each business have been more significant this past year, with a focus on delivering more digital channels to communicate with them. This impact has been felt by all businesses and has been part of the drive to using your CRM solution as your omnichannel routing platform. Join us to learn more about how our solution helps you solve for these scheduling impacts in an elegant way. – Speakers:  Josh King & Kristyn Emenecker, Playvox

2:00 PM ET – Are Your Agents as Satisfied as Your Customers? How to Leverage WFM Solutions to Help Satisfy Your Agents.  We know you’re working hard to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, but are you keeping your agents satisfied? While delivering exceptional customer service is paramount, satisfying your agents is crucial to meeting this objective. In this session you will learn how modern workforce management solutions have integrated agent features such as mobile app interactions, self-service capabilities, flexible scheduling, and vacation planning to simultaneously keep both your agents and customers happy. – Speakers:  Daryl Gonos & Roger Woolley, CommunityWFM

3:30 PM ET – Workforce Management Jeopardy.  Get ready for some fun, excitement, and plenty of interaction with your fellow workforce management professionals at the conference. Whether you are you a forecasting wizard, a scheduling guru, or just someone who’s excited to learn, come to this session to play Jeopardy and test your knowledge of workforce management. Everyone can participate and win great prizes!

Thursday, April 15

11:00 AM ET – The Survey (and You!) Said… Top Workforce Management Trends.  What’s hot and what’s not in workforce planning and management? Join us in this interactive session that showcases the survey results and best practices from the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP).  Each quarter SWPP surveys the workforce management community on critical topics.  Hear the results of some of the most interesting surveys from the past year around work from home and how we might return to the office.  We will also open up the discussion to encourage attendees to share your own experiences as well. See the trends in our industry today from SWPP members – and your own organization!  – Speakers:  Mark Rhodes, Edward Jones, Dan Smitley, World Travel Holdings, & Jason Persico, Wyndham Destinations

12:30 PM ET – CommunityWFM Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  What exactly is a modern WFM solution? It’s taking modern WFM technology and ensuring all of the automated capabilities are interlinked to improve operational efficiency, customer service delivery, and agent engagement. Join us to explore our newest updates to the sophisticated yet easy to use CommunityWFM solution. This demo of our industry leading technology will cover how to make on-the-go schedule adjustments, utilizing our built-in communications platform, automating agent attendance, and all of the latest agent engagement features. Join us! – Speaker:  Todd Cotharin, CommunityWFM

2:00 PM ET – CX Transformation: The Space Between Strategy and Execution.  CX and the contact center industry have proven to be more important than ever in today’s world. It is essential to be able to navigate the ever-changing landscape of customer experience and WFO – we need to not only rethink strategy, but also actually execute changes. This collaborative session will include “tips and tricks” regarding the customer experience transformation and enable insights into building and aligning the CX strategy with corporate clarity and transformational framework. – Speaker:  Scott Walker, ethosIQ

3:30 PM ET – Incorporating Complementary Tools into your Workforce Management Infrastructure. Improve communication, collaboration, and process efficiencies between workforce management and Operations, incorporating complementary tools such as MS Teams, SharePoint, WebEx Teams and Asana.  Panelists will demonstrate the capabilities of these tools based on their environment and share how it can improve communication, collaboration and the efficiencies gained between workforce management and supervisors, leads and agents.  Walk away with actionable steps that you can take to enhance your workforce management support.  – Speakers:  Samantha Bell, UCHealth, Jeff Bretana, Navy Federal Credit Union, Victoria Marcella, Kaiser Permanente, & Mark Jolitz, Kohls

Friday, April 16

11:00 AM ET – Scheduling Strategies: Definitions and Decisions for Successful Schedules.  A successful schedule plan involves many decisions on the front end that can impact the long-term and short-term effectiveness of the work shifts. Hear about how to decide on optimal schedule horizon, shift definitions, and schedule constraints, as well as some of the best strategies for optimizing schedule coverage and minimizing cost. – Speaker:  Maggie Klenke

12:30 PM ET – Authority Software Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  With the general availability of Authority WFM recently announced, we will cover the full breadth of this powerful solution. Forecasting is made faster, easier, and more reliable with this built from the ground up software. Scheduling agents, shift bids and changes, and both supervisor and agent portals streamline the process so you’re always staffed with the right agents at the right time.  – Speaker:  Lou Mandic, Authority Software

2:00 PM ET – Keeping it Together in a World of Work from Anywhere.  Adapting your Workforce Management practices to keep pace in a work-from-anywhere world is no small challenge!  We know that we’ve got to evolve our processes and people as the world of forecasting and scheduling changes, but where do you start? Join Call Design for an interactive session to discuss how to keep it together when we’re all so far apart. We will tackle topics like: how do you keep agents engaged when they work from home, could flexible scheduling work in your business, and how to manage seating when some of your workforce is back in the office …  with so many distractions how do we manage these changes effectively? – Speakers:  Michelle Gaffney, Nathan Hollman, & Shawn McCormick, Call Design 

3:30 PM ET – The Path to CWPP Certification.  Come to this session to hear the experience of one team on their path to becoming CWPP (Certified Workforce Planning Professional) certified. Learn about the discovery that beyond the certification itself is the education and development that happens along the way.  If you are looking to both expand your knowledge and earn a certification that identifies you as highly knowledgeable in Workforce Management, this is the session for you. – Speakers:  Dr. Debra Bentson, CWPP, Kaiser Permanente, Kristi Holcombe, CWPP, Travelers, & Tyler McGary, CWPP, Sun Life Financial

Monday, April 19

11:00 AM ET – So You Got the Approval for a Workforce Management Department…Now What?  In this session we will discuss what to do once you have your green light to start your workforce department. We will touch on everything from getting the right team members, establishing credibility, business planning, gain promoters, understanding the business and some examples of how to show the ROI of the great work you will have completed. – Speaker:  Bryan Hovasse, Alexion

12:30 PM ET – Verint Sponsor Spotlight Showcase. Balancing the In Office and Work from Home Environment: From Workspace Constraints to New Work Channels.  Discover the innovations that can help your managers find the best balance between in office and work from home shifts while managing workspace constraints and capturing activity to plan for new work channels. — Speakers:  Trudy Cannon, Jordan Sackley and Lisa Elbe, Verint

2:00 PM ET – Best Practices in WFO in the Cloud in the New Norm of Contact Center Management.  The workplace has changed immensely since the beginning of the pandemic. Contact centers have had been forced to shift into a new way of working and being able to operate at full capacity wherever the contact center agents are located has become a necessity. In this session, Aspect experts will explore the best practices in cloud-based workforce management, and how to navigate a post-pandemic workplace.  – Speakers:  Michael Kropidlowski & Eric Hagaman, Aspect

3:30 PM ET – Generation WHAT? Understanding Generations and Their Impact on WFM in the Modern Contact Center.  Gen Z, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X – some have names and letters? The years change, and what is a Xennial? Does any of this matter? What is a Yeet?  The most awkward moments can come at a holiday meal when you sit around and the now grown up kids are home from college, and their parents are sitting with them, and the grandparents and everyone tries to connect; or it can happen in a Zoom – or in a shift bid. Generations and context matter because the world evolves – change is rapid, but the human experience is constant. In this session we will talk about some of the things that impact how each of the main cohorts in the workforce today can influence what you do, and how they impact your role and even your work as a team. No single session can cover all of generational theory, but we can equip you with some strategies to have some meaningful moments, give some understanding to what the current definitions are, and maybe avoid some cringe. No Cap – I mean, for real.  – Speaker:  Marshall Lee, ttec

Tuesday, April 20

11:00 AM ET – Understanding How Real-Time Adherence Affects Your Contact Center.  Are you struggling with adherence in your contact center?  Are you spending a lot of time handing exceptions?  Come to this session and we will discuss ways to help you be more proactive vs reactive.  We will dive into some of the best practices we have implemented over the “many” years we have been working with our clients.  This will be an interactive session where we can learn from each other. – Speakers:  John Watkinson & Angela Rusnak, Avtex

12:30 PM ET –  NICE EEM Sponsor Spotlight Showcase. NICE Employee Engagement Manager (EEM), a key component of the NICE WFM Suite, empowers contact center agents to self-manage their schedules with exceptional flexibility, visibility and control. With Intelligent Intraday Automation® and proactive staffing analytics, EEM optimizes both intraday and near-term staffing after WFM schedules are published, providing substantial benefits to contact center executives and agents alike. Intelligent Intraday Automation is a key pillar of full-lifecycle WFM, enabling EEM to reduce or eliminate friction before it can materialize by identifying staffing variances in advance. EEM dynamically identifies the smallest practical increments for the greatest intraday scheduling flexibility, while ensuring that any changes will benefit net staffing. This intelligent and automated approach provides agents many more preapproved schedule change opportunities, while optimizing staffing and increasing productivity. Take a virtual tour and see how NICE Employee Engagement Manager can help boost productivity by keeping your workforce optimized and engaged.  – Speakers:  Ruchika Pashine & Paul Najdzin, NICE

2:00 PM ET – Take an Employee First Approach!  With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a more centralized presence within Workforce Engagement, the traditional approach of creating forecasts that yield schedules is one that deserves a second look with a fresh perspective.  AI is already driving the automation of traditional manual tasks, allowing operational leaders to focus on a more holistic view of engaging with the employee.  In this session, we will discuss how AI is strengthening resource management teams by augmenting the power of the human with the speed and efficiency of AI to make more impactful decisions. – Speakers:  Faye Lopez & Paul Turner, Genesys

3:30 PM ET – Delivering Service from Anywhere with Right Agents, at the Right Time, With the Right Skills.  There were big changes in contact center operations in 2020 with a dramatic shift to remote and virtual work environments. With agents working from home, supervisors being remote, and customer needs constantly fluctuating, workforce engagement is more essential than ever to a company’s success. Join Salesforce for a conversation with their customers about what they learned from managing a highly distributed workforce, how customer engagement across channels is changing the way they forecast, plan, and schedule agents, and how agent and supervisor skills need to evolve meet customer expectations.  – Speaker:  Uri Pintov, Salesforce

Wednesday, April 21

11:00 AM ET – Innovative Ways to Schedule.  Ever wonder what other companies have done to get the most out of their schedules using creative scheduling and flexibility? Come join this interactive panel where we share our success/failures, best practices, and tips and tricks for you to put your ideas into place. You will also have the opportunity to share some of your own creative options that you have implemented and your experiences.  The panel will also look at how labor laws affect different states, nations, and geographies and how to effectively manage these challenges. – Panelists:  Rick Seeley, Everise, Chuck Eason, Omni Hotels, Jessica Harris, Safe Auto, & Jason Persico, Wyndham Destinations

12:30 PM ET – injixo Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  AI Behind injixo WFM Integrations & Forecasting.  Do you ever wish you could say “Hey Alexa, create my forecast?” Well, Alexa can’t help you there, but injixo can! Welcome to the future of WFM integrations and forecasting with injixo’s cloud Workforce Management. In this session, we will be demonstrating and discussing injixo’s integration platform and advanced forecasting capability. – Speakers:  Peter Kielar & Sarah Foresman, injixo, & Dan Medina & Lisa McKellips, Freshly

2:00 PM ET – Building Cross-Departmental Relationships with WFM.  Contact centers require cross-functional teams to be successful, but is your WFM team speaking their love language?  Are you having trouble communicating your needs and goals to other departments? Learn strategies to help WFM bridge the gap between executive management, finance, QM and more in this informative session designed to help you get more out of your contact center’s internal teams.  – Speaker:  Dave Hoekstra, Calabrio

3:30 PM ET – Forecasting & Scheduling for Alternate Channels.  Until a few years ago, contact centers were focused on handling inbound telephone calls from customers. Today, customers communicate with agents through a variety of communication channels, and many contact centers have been transformed into multi-channel contact operations. Customers have the choice of contacting companies by telephone, email, white mail, web-chat, and social media. The increasing number of communication channels, however, poses a challenge for the contact center planner in providing the requisite number of appropriately-skilled employees at all times during the day for all channels.  Come to this session to hear how organizations have learned to adapt in this new environment.  –  Panelists:  Sandra McFatridge, Nissan, Marshall Lee, ttec, & Kirwyn Adderley, Walgreens

Thursday, April 22

11:00 AM ET – Teaching the Power of One Throughout the Contact Center.  Every contact center needs a Power of One education plan.  In this session you will learn how to communicate the impact of staffing decisions on service, occupancy, and cost for various sizes of centers and agent groups. Hear about creative ways to present the information in traditional ways, as well as how to utilize Power of One games and activities to reinforce concepts to show agents how important they are – that one person really does make a difference! – Speaker:  Todd Gladden, PlanMen

12:30 PM ET – Assembled Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  Assembled is a modern workforce management platform that combines the best of what came before with a first-principles approach to modern needs like distributed work and omnichannel setups. In this session, we’ll give an introduction to the platform’s scheduling, forecasting, and intraday management features. We’ll also talk through how first-class APIs can supercharge a workforce team—by connecting data to and from internal reporting systems like Looker or Tableau, by automating scheduling workflows, and by enabling deep, out-of-the box integrations with CRMs like Zendesk or Salesforce, just to name a few different use cases. – Speaker:  Ryan Wang, Assembled

2:00 PM ET – Intraday Management for the New Economy.  As our workforce changes, employers need to change with them. That requires more flexibility than ever before. If you haven’t thought about it before, intraday management can be the key to unlocking the new economy. We’ll cover some practical ways to implement intraday management today and what we can be looking for in the future.  – Speaker:  Heather Turbeville, Authority Software

3:30 PM ET – Making Automation Work for Workforce Management.  You’ve been sold the promise that automation can make you a more efficient and effective workforce planner for years, but for many organizations, the practical applications have yet to meet expectations. Complex configurations, siloed use cases, and the inability to intelligently learn and adapt over time are all symptoms of a larger problem with the current state of automation. In this session, we’ll discuss how an ‘automation forward’ approach and cloud-native, AI-driven technology can help organizations overcome a number of key challenges to unlock greater efficiency, more consistent results, and a better employee experience. – Speaker: Richard Lawrence, Talkdesk

Friday, April 23

11:00 AM ET – Creating the Right Engagement Model With Your Outsourcers.  Does your company outsource some of their customer service?   Have you struggled with getting the information from your outsource partners that you need to plan effectively?  This session will help you to design a framework to work effectively with your BPOs for a successful partnership. – Speakers:  Iliyana Zdravkova, Aline Ribeiro, & Jason Papapolyzos, Uber

12:30 PM ET – Intradiem Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  Learn How You Can Dramatically Reduce Costs In Your Contact Center.  See first-hand how Intradiem’s AI-powered technology can assist you and your team to enable a more productive and engaged workforce while significantly reducing operating costs. – Speakers:  Larry Swift & Kevin Jolliffe, Intradiem

2:00 PM ET – Developing an Effective WFM Customer Access Roadmap.  We all know that having a good plan for the contact center is virtually a no-brainer.  But what does the “Plan” need to consist of and how does our WFM planning fit into that.  In our session, we will lay out the components of an effective Customer Access Roadmap and where the WFM plan comes into play.  We’ll discuss strategic alignment, customer segments, routing methodology and people/resource technology.  Come join us for a lively virtual session.  – Speaker, Todd Gladden, Planmen – Sponsored by ICS

3:30 PM ET – Ask The Workforce Wizard.  This session is your chance to ask our panel of experts anything WFM! This interactive panel will answer questions submitted and chosen by conference attendees. If you have a question or an issue that has been a challenge to your team, bring your question to this session! The audience will also get a chance to give some input. This session will be dynamic and informative, but the topics covered will be chosen by you and your peers at the event.  – Panelists:  Todd Gladden, PlanMen, Jessica Harris, Safe Auto, Kristi Holcombe, Travelers, Victoria Marcella, Kaiser Permanente, Bob Dobson, StubHub, & Rick Seeley, Everise

Monday, April 26

11:00 AM ET – I Didn’t Know You Did That!  Do your team members know what everyone else on the team does?  Learning just enough about how your team forecasts, schedules, and perform real-time tasks will foster engagement. A deeper dive into the change management and challenges we have daily and how our work impacts the rest of our team allows for sharing tasks in times of contingency. Job descriptions showing handoffs, connections, and pathways will be shared.  We will touch not just on the “what” is done, but the why (how it impacts agents—and each other). This session touches on each aspect of WFM and shares a case study that yields not just how to truly be one team, but how to have shared empathy and a look into a career path that may not exist in siloed departments.  – Speakers:  Todd Hixson & Chris Hartney, Hulu

12:30 PM ET – TalkDesk Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.  Talkdesk Workforce Management™ is designed to simplify and automate the process of omnichannel forecasting, scheduling, and adherence management so that you can stop wrestling with technology and focus on getting results. Join this demo showcase to see first-hand how the synergies between Talkdesk WFM and our end-to-end, cloud-native contact center platform can help you make better decisions, reduce administrative effort, and provide a better experience for your agents.  – Speakers:  Richard Lawrence & Richard Radosevich, Talkdesk

2:00 PM ET – ICS Sponsor Spotlight Showcase.

3:30 PM ET – I’m not a Unicorn!  Diversity in WFM.  If you haven’t encountered or focused on diversity already, chances are you will need to tackle it sometime soon in our 21st century world! Join our group for an open discussion about inclusion and diversity’s role in workforce management. What does it mean to be diverse? How can we foster more inclusion? What has your contact center been doing about diversity? What are your obstacles? – Speakers:  Tiffany LaReau, Human Numbers, Tiffney Spicer, Equity Lifestyle, Kirwyn Adderley, Walgreens, & Juanita Coley, Solid Rock Consulting 

Tuesday, April 27

11:00 AM ET – 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes – Tips & Techniques for Making the Most of Your WFM Software. This fast-paced session with a panel of vendor experts will provide you with a practice idea each minute.  This is not a sales pitch for products.   These are the vendor experts that can provide tips on how to get the most out of a WFM investment from the early planning stages, implementation, training, and ongoing use. This format will give you some last minute tips to take home and implement immediately!

12:30 PM ET – Eleveo Sponsor Spotlight Showcase Session.  How Adherence Can Go Terribly Wrong.  Have you heard schedule adherence can be one of the most immediate and impactful ROIs that a workforce management solution can provide your organization? Maybe you have tried introducing this within your organization only to have it fail. This session will review ways adherence can go awry when initially introduced in an organization, and how to avoid it. Additionally, we will discuss issues such as how to begin narrowing down what adherence percentage goal may be right for each team within your organization as a starting point. Join us! – Speaker:  Ethan Bryant, Eleveo

2:00 PM ET – 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes – WFM Tips & Techniques from Real-Life Experiences. This fast-paced session with a panel of your WFM peers will have you writing furiously as you try to capture an idea a minute on paper! This format will give you some last minute tips to take home and implement immediately – if you can catch them all!  — Panelists: Kristi Holcombe, Travelers, Jason Persico, Wyndham Destinations, Louise Andrew, Accor Hotels, Todd Hixson, Hulu, Mark Rhodes, Edward Jones, & Jessica Harris, Safe Auto 

3:30 PM ET – Closing Session.