Draft Agenda
The Virtual Summit for Workforce Management
August 2020

Monday, August 3

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Welcome & Roadmap to the Virtual Summit for Workforce Management.  Join us for this exciting kick-off to the 2020 Virtual Summit.  In this session, we’ll start with a nostalgic quick look at the last 17 years of SWPP Conferences and how we have evolved into this 2020 model. You’ll see how this conference will replicate all the things you loved about the in-person conferences, including a look at this year’s how-to workshops, panel discussions, games and activities, sponsor showcases, and the many networking opportunities. We’ll show you how to navigate the conference, including how to participate in the workshops, use the conference app on your computer or phone, and visit the virtual conference web site to hear session recordings, visit sponsor booths, and find a wealth of educational resources. Don’t miss this session if you want to learn how to make the most of the August Virtual Summit.

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – WFM Professional of the Year Award Ceremony.  SWPP is pleased to sponsor the Workforce Management Professional of the Year award, which recognizes a workforce management professional who has shown outstanding leadership in the industry.  In this session, we will introduce the five finalists for our Workforce Management Professional of the Year award.  The finalists include:  Rachel Johnson, WPS Health Solutions; Sharon Jones, National Debt Relief: Christine Kolbeson, Rackspace; David Nietz, Telus; and Julie Reed, Pepco Holdings.   After you meet the finalists, we will announce the 2020 winner of this prestigious award.  Congratulations to all the finalists!

3:00 ET, 2:00 CT – Where Are We Going?  Looking Into the Future of the Industry.  Will bots be doing WFM in the future?  Will we have Uber agents working from tablets and mobile devices while they catch Pokémon in between calls? Technology is changing seemingly at the speed of light and what do you need to be prepared for and thinking about to stay one step ahead, not just in WFM, but in partnering with an ever-changing workforce. A panel of long time industry veterans shares not only what they see in our future, but how they maintained “fresh space” to keep an eye on the prize while navigating the sea of change.  – Moderator:  Todd Gladden, Planmen – Panelists:  Dan Smitley, World Travel Holdings, & Todd Hixson, Hulu

Tuesday, August 4

9:00 am ET, 8:00 am CT – Behind Closed Doors Verint.  Want some time to hear from your workforce management software vendor? If you are a Verint customer, come to this session to hear the latest information about upgrades, new releases, and new products. Meet other users in this group session led by your vendor.

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Staffing Wars:  The Rise of Scheduler.  Is the work-force strong with you, or at least your scheduling?  Schedule alignment is a constant battle between the dark and light side of business need and agent preference, a new hope has arisen! When the warriors of truth and justice serving the all-powerful work-force seem overwhelmed by the unending demands placed on the resources, there is a new light dawning. Scheduling in the modern contact center may not literally be as complicated as hitting the one shot that destroys the Death Star while avoiding a certain breath-masked villain, but the ever-changing complexities certainly make it feel that way. In this session, hear how to build a successful culture and processes around staffing alignment in contact centers of all sizes and channels. Come ready to share and learn as we talk through how to best move through the ever-changing world of scheduling. The Work-force will be with you, always.  – Speakers:  Marshall Lee, ttec, & Jeff Bretana, Navy Federal Credit Union

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Aspect Software.  On July 14, Aspect released version 20 of the Aspect Workforce Optimization Suite, the most advanced Enterprise Contact Center solution for the mobile workforce.  As the “work from anywhere” mobile workforce becomes the de facto standard for contact centers and many other industries, workforce technology tools are making it much easier to be agile and mobile while ensuring that workers are as efficient and effective away from the office as they are when they are in the office.   Join us in this session for a review of the new contact center environment and how WFO tools can mitigate your risks in uncertain times.  Our discussion will also showcase Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Management (AQM) and Performance Management (APM).

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Managing Schedule Adherence: Creating an In-Place and On-Time Culture.  An accurate forecast and perfectly constructed schedules don’t mean much if the frontline staff are not following the plan. In this session, you will learn various techniques to measure adherence and quantify the problem of schedule non-adherence. See how common principles of performance management can be applied to identify reasons for non-adherence and what you can do to change adherence behaviors. Hear how some centers have created an adherence culture that works.  – Speaker:  Penny Reynolds

5:00 pm ET, 4:00 pm CT – Behind Closed Doors – NICE.  Want some time to hear from your workforce management software vendor? If you are a NICE customer, come to this session to hear the latest information about upgrades, new releases, and new products. Meet other users in this group session led by your vendor.

Wednesday, August 5

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – The Survey (and You!) Said… Top Workforce Management Trends.  What’s hot and what’s not in workforce planning and management? Join us in this interactive session that showcases the survey results and best practices from the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP).  Each quarter SWPP surveys the workforce management community on critical topics.  Hear the results of some of the most interesting surveys from the past on topics from Staffing to Schedule Adherence to Paid Time Off (PTO) and more.  We will also open up the discussion to encourage attendees to share your own experiences as well. See the trends in our industry today from SWPP members – and your own organization!  – Speakers:  Jessica Harris, Safe Auto, & Victoria Marcella, Kaiser Permanente

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Bringing Better Science to the Art of WFM.  WFM has often been called an art and a science; it’s long past time to use better science to produce more accurate forecasts and schedules. Simple forecast models and Erlang calculations for FTE requirements often don’t accurately meet the needs of today’s contact centers. The result is we spend too much time manually correcting intra-day schedules because of poor predictive modeling. It’s more important than ever before to be able to optimize resources in alignment with multi-channel routing rules.  Learn how to identify gaps in your plan and use alternative forecast modeling and simulation to produce more accurate plans. – Speakers:  Paul Najdzin & Nathan Stearns, NICE

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Getting it Right: The Power of Having the Right WFM Team Structure.  Does something not feel “right” about your WFM team’s interactions with your customers? Are your customers or team members often frustrated? Perhaps it’s time to look under the hood at your team’s organizational structure. This workshop will dive into what several companies have learned about team organization and support. We will highlight our successful team structures, roles and responsibilities, and the way we promoted our team to build respect and positive working relationships.   – Panelists: Karen Wrzesien, T. Rowe Price, Bob Dobson, StubHub, & Kristi Holcombe, Travelers

5:00 pm ET, 4:00 pm CT – Behind Closed Doors – Aspect.  Want some time to hear from your workforce management software vendor? If you are an Aspect customer, come to this session to hear the latest information about upgrades, new releases, and new products. Meet other users in this group session led by your vendor.

Thursday, August 6

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – The 20’s in a Time of Dramatic Change.  A century after 1920 kicked off a decade of dramatic social and economic change, 2020 is following its lead. But this time, we have advanced technologies to better adapt and overcome.   In this session, we’ll discuss how to use these as we transform the ways we plan, schedule and communicate with employees. –  Speakers: Andressa Marlan and Marissa Nichols, Verint

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  NICE Systems WFM.  How do you plan for the long term in such an unpredictable time? In this demonstration, we will explore the forecasting process with emphasis on planning for the long term.  We’ll look at specific impacts to capacity through different shrink categories, AI based algorithms impact to accuracy, and how to determine where you’ll be with your current headcount.  This will be a chance to explore the many possibilities NICE WFM and ESP offer working together to create an accurate plan for the future.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Extending Workforce Management Support to the Back Office. The only thing consistent about the businesses we support is change. Workforce management teams are often asked to support the ever-changing environments of the business. In this session, you will hear how several organizations have tackled the movement of WFM from just inbound call handling to multi-media contacts and now to the back office environment.  Hear tips and techniques to make this a more successful and smooth transition.   – Panelists:  Kirwyn Adderley, Walgreens, & Robert Reitnauer, Project Management Institute

5:30 pm ET, 4:30 pm CT – Happy Hour.  Join us for a fun hour of networking with music, games, and your favorite SWPP Board Members!

Friday, August 7

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Agility in a Workforce Management World.  Come to this session to learn about Agile project management methodology to drive continuous improvement and deliver incremental value. We’ll introduce basic Agile principles like Scrum and Kanban, discuss why you need Scrum Masters and Product Owners, and explain the benefits of Backlogs, Standups, and Sprints. During this interactive Agile discussion, we’ll talk about some of the challenges of using a software development methodology in a non-IT space and share some of our successes and failures as we matured along our Agile journey. – Speakers:  Michelle Zimmerman & Craig Bergen, USAA

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Mobile WFM Technology: Key Considerations for Successfully Adopting Mobile WFM Solutions.   Mobile phones and tablets are an essential part of our everyday activities, whether for personal or business purposes.  With more and more companies automating processes and optimizing mobile communications, the average time we spend using our smart devices has significantly increased year-over-year. Mobilizing your WFM platform is no different! Join us to explore key WFM mobile features and benefits; along with how to create buy-in for mobile WFM adoption. – Speakers – Daryl Gonos & Roger Woolley, CommunityWFM

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  NICE Systems Employee Selection and Retention — Attend this session to see how you can now hire candidates with a focus on long term retention. NICE’s ESR solution provides AI predictive analytics and assessments of new hire candidates through virtual interviews. We will review:

  • Operational costs and impacts of employee attrition
  • On-the-go mobile access for candidates to participate in interviews 24 x 7 x 365.
  • “No scheduled interview required” means top performers in every talent pool can participate in the job search.
  • Predictive AI-based analytics identify candidates who are the best fit culturally, emotionally, and intellectually for each job role.
  • Machine learning algorithms adapt to the unique skills, attributes, performance, and capabilities exhibited by top performers in the organization.
  • Removal of intentional and unintentional subjective bias from the hire process.
  • Integration with NICE WFO injects unprecedented operational insight into the hiring process.
  • Automated Language Assessment (fluency, proficiency, comprehension, critical thinking, active listening)
  • Custom Quizzes & Tests (math, typing, data entry, custom quizzes, EEOC survey, custom survey, custom qualifier assessment)
  • Integration with ATS for seamless work flows 

Monday, August 10

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Selling Workforce Topics to the Executive Level.  This discussion will focus on how to effectively communicate and sell workforce needs to your executive team. We will break down how to identify the motivations of your audience and tailor detailed information to their level. If you have a particular topic you have had trouble getting buy-in for – join us! This will be a presentation full of audience participation.  – Panelists:  Todd Hixson, Hulu, Jason Persico, Wyndham Destinations, & Mark Rhodes, Edward Jones

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Genesys — Let us walk you through our workforce management tool and capabilities and how they support the daily tasks for planners, supervisors, manager and agents.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – My Button Says “Less Than 200 Agents:” Challenges and Benefits of Small Contact Centers.  While some contact centers have thousands of employees and multiple locations, many have just one location and less than 200 agents.  There are specific challenges and benefits that are unique to the smaller centers.  We will discuss some of these issues, and some best practices in solving them.  Come prepared with your own questions or best practices. – Panelists:   Jessica Harris, Safe Auto, & Robert Allen, Rochester Regional Health System

Tuesday, August 11

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Innovative Ways to Schedule.  Ever wonder what other companies have done to get the most out of their schedules using creative scheduling and flexibility? Come join this interactive panel where we share our success/failures, best practices, and tips and tricks for you to put your ideas into place. You will also have the opportunity to share some of your own creative options that you have implemented and your experiences.  The panel will also look at how labor laws affect different states, nations, and geographies and how to effectively manage these challenges.  – Panelists:  Jason Persico, Wyndham Destinations, Jessica Harris, Safe Auto, & Kristi Holcombe, Travelers

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Workforce Management in an Era of Pandemic and Work-From-Home.  What a different world we live in compared to that of our last SWPP Conference.  Many of the assumptions that we used historically to forecast work and schedule employees have been overcome by recent events.  With some state guidelines in place yet many unknowns about the contagiousness of COVID-19, the issue of how to best orchestrate the use of a contact center facility is weighing heavily on the shoulders of many contact center managers.  In this timely session, we will discuss how contact centers can continue to be effective with many employees working from home and cite some case studies explaining what other centers have done.  We will also address the new challenges of operating in the COVID environment and how contact centers can maximize the safety of their on-site employees. – Speakers:  Eric Hagaman & Bob Moore, Aspect Software

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Going Global with Uber: A Case Study. Have you ever wondered what the secret to a successful customer support network is? And how you scale that globally or even across various locations in one country?  This is Uber’s story on global support expansion, providing insights and best practices on managing a truly multicultural, multilingual footprint with four regions, 10 centers of excellence, 44+ BPO sites, and multiple modalities.  The session will be dedicated to the methodology that Uber uses to sustain high performance standards while constantly growing and evolving.  If you are expanding into a global WFM team or even if you have ever had to blend two or more WFM teams in different locations with different rules and policies, this is an important session to attend, – Speaker:  Tatiana Goff Morrell, Jill Barry & Iliyana Zdravkova, Uber

5:00 pm ET, 4:00 pm CT – Behind Closed Doors – Intradiem.  Want some time to hear from your workforce management software vendor? If you are an Intradiem customer, come to this session to hear the latest information about upgrades, new releases, and new products. Meet other users in this group session led by your vendor.

Wednesday, August 12

9:00 am ET, 8:00 am CT – Behind Closed Doors Calabrio.  Want some time to hear from your workforce management software vendor? If you are a Calabrio customer, come to this session to hear the latest information about upgrades, new releases, and new products. Meet other users in this group session led by your vendor.

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – The Padawan (Beginners) Guide to Adherence Management and Intraday Monitoring.  Come join us in this interactive beginner’s guide to Adherence Management and Intraday Monitoring.  You will learn some great tips and tricks to help manage your contact center more effectively.  There is not an “Easy” button in doing what we do, but let’s talk about how we can make things a little easier.  – Speaker: John Watkinson, Avtex

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Leave the Toxicity Behind: Overcoming Negativity in the Contact Center.  Are you tired of always being the “NO” person?  Is your relationship with your agents contentious at best?  In this session, WFM Evangelist Dave Hoekstra from Calabrio will discuss ways to smooth out the relationship with employees while still maintaining KPIs. Whether it is being more flexible around scheduling, making sure agents understand the “why” behind the decision, or just helping the team have a better understanding of the process, you will leave with a notebook full of ideas to implement back home! – Speaker:  Dave Hoekstra, Calabrio

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Lessons Learned from Introducing WFM into a Contact Center.  This session will address the challenges and key decisions involved with introducing WFM into a contact center for the first time.  Key factors to be considered include sources of data collection, data analysis, communication strategies, and management engagement.  We will share first-hand experiences of what has worked well, mistakes we’ve made, and lessons learned along the way.  Moderator:  Matt Troxell – Panelists:  Darlene Green, Shaw Industries, Kelley Parmer, Chesapeake Utilities, & Jason Persico, Wyndham Destinations

Thursday, August 13

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Deliver Guaranteed Results with Workforce Automation.Learn how industry leaders use workforce automation to create new efficiency opportunities, more engaged agents, and better customer experiences.  Join Louise Andrew to hear Accor’s success story and how they created a modern-day workforce that pays off.  – Speaker:  Louise Andrew, Accor Hotels, & Kevin Jolliffe & Larry Swift, Intradiem

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  CommunityWFM.  Tired of the same old approach to workforce management?  Explore the modern design and automated features of CommunityWFM.  Built by WFM analysts, our two cloud-based solutions offer many features not seen in the market, such as an integrated communications platform to keep everyone involved in the scheduling process, and Automated Schedule Adjustment Plans to execute hundreds of schedule changes in seconds. Our Shift Bidding provides agents flexibility with their work schedules, and Automated Attendance Monitor lets you know when people arrive and start their shifts. The CommunityWFM Everywhere™ mobile app is a popular feature to keep you connected to your agents and make quick on-the-go decisions – all packaged in an elegant wizard-based design for ease of use.  We look forward to you joining the Community!

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Are You Still Manually Forecasting in the 21st Century?  Technology in the contact center has evolved dramatically over the course of the last few years.  Intelligent automation through the use of artificial intelligence is giving contact centers the ability to perform calculations at a rate that was unachievable in the past.  Yet, with all of these advancements in automation, it is still so common to find contact centers driving their forecasting process through manual efforts built in and around Excel.  During this session, we will challenge the notion of traditional manual scheduling and hopefully enlighten you as to what is possible when you leverage AI to drive your forecast.   Speaker:  Robert Beasley, Genesys

Friday, August 14

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Getting More Out of Your Service Level Thresholds. Setting service level targets that directly reflect your business needs is very important to every organization.  By understanding what goes into a properly aligned service target, organizations can better utilize their resources to meet customer expectations.  The challenge?  Doing so while not impacting budget, employee morale, or satisfaction scores.  Come join Green Shield Canada as they share their case study examining the outcome of measuring for success.  By sharing considerations to be mindful of, the impact of downstream management and case study results, attendees will be better equipped to set service agreements that reflect measures of great customer support and efficiency. – Speakers:  Brandon Emms & Nicole Antonel, Green Shield Canada

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Authority Software –Simplicity doesn’t mean simple. Join Authority Software as we showcase our lightning fast, fully flexible, cost effective solutions for workforce management. We will explore advanced forecasting and scheduling that eliminates the need for those dreaded spreadsheets. All tied together. Never bolted on. So it all just works. Simply.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – How to be a More Influential Contact Center Leader.  Do you ever feel like your ideas go unheard and your perspective on improving the organization is undervalued? If so, you are not alone. Despite the importance of the contact center, many of these professionals struggle to gain influence inside of the larger business.  Luckily for us, the CX Revolution has provided a tremendous opportunity for us to shift the legacy view of the contact center. In this interactive session, experience-junkie Justin Robbins will guide attendees in how to garner additional influence and effectively speak the language of customer value. – Speaker:  Justin Robbins

Monday, August 17

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – How Do You Measure WFM Success?   There are so many different metrics that come out of our workforce management efforts.  But which ones should we use to measure our success as a workforce management team?   Come to this panel session to hear how different organizations measure the success of their teams and demonstrate their accountability to the rest of the company.  – Panelists:  Kirwyn Adderley, Walgreens, Bob Dobson, StubHub, & Kristi Holcombe, Travelers

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Calabrio – Get a full look into the next-generation of Workforce Management from Calabrio. Packed with enhancements in forecasting and scheduling, this next iteration of Calabrio WFM is a giant leap forward in Workforce Engagement Management. This session will take attendees through an in-depth review of features and functionality that will be part of the revamped Calabrio ONE® suite.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – How Change Management Can Increase the Success of Workforce Management and Business Partner Relationships.  Simple and effective change management plans are at the heart of Nationwide’s success in deploying workforce management tools that support over 4,000 employees.  Join us for stories of success and fast fails through 12 years of workforce deliveries.  Learn about tested tactics and tools for overcoming resistance to change and how to manage setbacks through implementation.   – Speaker:  Christie Vaughan, Nationwide Insurance

Tuesday, August 18

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Remote Working in a 24×7 Global Team.  In this session, we will explore staffing a 24×7 Global Team with a “follow the sun” and remote-working employee environment.  Hear how a hybrid approach to weekend staff coverage using 4×10 schedules and remote work options for less desirable schedules helped employee morale.  Using a “follow the sun” methodology ensures team members are not required to work “graveyard” or less desirable schedules that typically have higher turnover and are difficult to fill. – Speaker:  Jean Wenzel, Smartsheet

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Technology Fatigue in the Digital Workplace.  With an abundance of digital tools available in the workplace today, how are companies making sure their employees are positioned for success?  Most companies strive to improve employee experience while not impacting employee productivity.  It is important to give our employees a set of tools that are functional and purpose-driven and to avoid offering them so many tools that work becomes more confusing than constructive.  During this session, we will discuss the impact of digital tools on the employee and share ideas on how to find the proper balance. –Speaker:  Jeff Whitt, Genesys

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – From Spreadsheets to Workforce Management: A Story of Growth, Transformation, and Innovation.  Join this session to hear from MTD, a company implementing workforce management for the first time. MTD transformed their business by using workforce management to create efficient scheduling and staffing to track the most important KPIs. Not only did MTD look to remove manual work from forecasting, they wanted to empower their employees to have visibility into their schedules and take responsibility for their work as well as assist their customers via additional channels (chat, social, etc.). But how do you execute a solution and implement its use culturally within your business? Join us to find out.  – Speakers:  Samantha Thompson & Jeff Marvin, MTD Products, Inc.

5:00 pm ET, 4:00 am CT – Behind Closed Doors – Genesys — Join us as we share the roadmap and Genesys Workforce Engagement Cloud and hybrid growth strategy. Hear reflections and market observation from Merijn te Booij the general manager (GM) of Genesys new business unit, Employee Engagement Solutions. Plus, get the opportunity to get your questions answered live with Genesys Workforce Engagement (WEM) Product Managers.

Wednesday, August 19

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Analyses for Your Executives.  Because workforce management folks are great with numbers and have access to our performance data, we are most often the gatekeepers to all important contact center analyses.  Strategic plans? We do that.  What happened last week? Yup, our report.  What-ifs? Our bread and butter.  In this session we will use our contact center data and our access to accurate models to provide our execs with answers that only we can know:  What happened? What will happen? How is my team and my system performing? What do my customers experience?  Our purpose is to develop a story via analyses that our execs can tell our CEO.  Let’s chat about great analytics we’ve all done. – Speaker:  Ric Kosiba, Sharpen Technologies

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Tips You’ll Use IMMEDIATELY to Increase WFM Efficiency.  Are your agents tired of riding the roller coaster at work every day?  First, they are so busy they can’t keep up, then they sit for 20 minutes between calls.  Do you do the annual “go into the cave” and wade through endless details of history to create your annual plan?  John wants to work a 4 x 10, Jane needs Tuesday off for the dentist and Carl wants to work a different schedule (and different length of schedule) every day.  Can you come close to having your cake and eating it too (or does someone just have to eat it?). In this session, learn some quick tricks to streamline efficiency and make your life easier. Tips relevant to beginners and long-time WFM personnel alike will be covered.  There will even be a quick question and answer for you to share similar ideas.  After all, we always seem to do things better together than any of us can do alone—even if we are virtual! – Speaker:  Lou Mandic, Authority Software

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Our WFM Journey: From Zero to Hero (well, almost) in 12 Months.  Come to this session to learn what a national WFM team did for a rapidly changing $7B national healthcare provider to get ahead of the curve.  Hear how the integration of new channels such as ChatBot and email were managed into the operating cadence and how roadmaps were leveraged to manage change.  The staff also leveraged robotic process automation to streamline work efforts. Key takeaways include understanding the journey, including the WFM roadmap, learning about new KPIs and the transformation of the WFM team, reporting and forecasting excellence that got the team a seat at the table, and channel management strategies that made teams more effective.  – Speakers:  Marla Kouche, Quest Diagnostics

Thursday, August 20

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Back Office is Not the Back Alley: Basics of Back Office WFM for the Contact Center WFM Pro. You never know what you’ll find in a dark back alley, but put away your fears – the Back Office is not a dangerous back alley of pitfalls, complication, and complexity if you know how to approach it. Come on a journey to hear about the experience of moving from an organization with almost no back office to a 60% back office role. Be prepared to ask questions, share tricks, and learn how to plan, staff, and schedule to manage those non-inbound phone widgets. – Speaker:  Marshall Lee, ttec

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – The A,B,C’s and 1,2,3’s of Purchasing a Workforce Management System.  Come hear about the steps you should be taking to ensure you are purchasing the right WFM system for your organization.  Gain insight to the RFI process and suggestions on how to make the final decision. – Speaker:  Liz Turner, Serenova+Lifesize

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Call Design.  Make the best WFM even better with WFM Essentials! We know that WFM is a must have, but are you getting the most from your system? It’s time to learn more about the critical principles and applications that WFM leaders, back-office managers, and anyone with a stake in the WFM process need to understand and put into action. Find out how you can learn best practice theory for forecasting, scheduling, contingency planning, communication, and more from Call Design’s team of industry-recognized, highly experienced professionals with our WFM Essentials courses!

7:30 pm ET, 6:30 pm CT – Happy Hour.  Join us for a fun hour of networking with music, games, and your favorite SWPP Board Members!

Friday, August 21

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Working From Home: The Lessons Learned From Leading in a 99% Virtual Call Center.   World Travel Holdings has been going remote for the past 10 years and now 99% of their agents work from home. All agents brought into the organization for the past five years have been interviewed, trained, and worked virtually without ever going to a brick and mortar call center. Come learn the pros and cons of working in a virtual call center, pitfalls to avoid when creating a work-from-home team, and unique challenges from leading employees you’ll never see in person.  – Speaker:  Dan Smitley, World Travel Holdings

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Verint.  Join us for a demo on “Redesigning the Workforce Management Experience: Verint’s New User Interface.”  Discover the innovations that can help your staff and managers work more efficiently and effectively—a key benefit in today’s evolving work environment.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – LevelUP Your Capacity Planning Model.  When new products are launched or system updates are driving your business, does your team have the bandwidth for new work – or even for work already in progress? The Cox Automotive WFM Team will share how the WFM team is predicting staffing needs and sharing insights across the business to proactively prepare for managing the workforce and client experiences. – Speakers:  Chaunte Johnson, Cox Automotive Retail Solutions

Monday, August 24

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Back Office – The Rest of the Story Quantified.  You have a back office plan but how do you really know you have true workload “demand” captured?  In this session, we will look at ways to create an all-encompassing forecast, complete with a bottom-up shrinkage plan and a way to include any task. The outcome is one that can be owned by the agents and truly is a cross-functional winning team plan.  Walk through a real-life example of days in the trenches doing a time study and hear how to build workloads for items that may not sit on your switch or in your CRM.  A productivity plan diagram you can mold into one for your own contact center will be shared. Finally, you’ll walk away with a way to tailor a plan for success for your company that fits the uniqueness of your organization.  – Speakers:  Todd Hixson & Curtis Haggard, Hulu

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Intradiem.  Join the Intradiem team who will walk you through “A Day in the Life” of a real-time automated contact center. You will see how workforce automation improves efficiency and agent engagement by processing massive amounts of your data and conditions in real time.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Understanding What Your Agents are Thinking.  Wouldn’t it be a big advantage if you really understood what’s in the minds of your agents? If you did understand, you could better guide agents to the behaviors you would like to see.  Aspect commissioned a survey of over 500 agents to understand their fears, preferences, motivators, career plans and many other attributes by important segments such as age, Work-from-Home vs. on-site, longevity, industry, and many others.  Attend this session to learn some unexpected yet statistically significant relationships that will help you better manage your agent population. – Speaker:  Bob Moore, Aspect Software

Tuesday, August 25

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – The Science of Intraday Scheduling.  With staffing variances the biggest cost driver in intraday management, contact center leaders are on a constant quest to approach net-zero staffing. Whether processing or initiating schedule change requests, intraday staffing is time-consuming, tedious and disruptive for everyone involved – managers, agents and administrators alike.  In this session, we will take a look at the surprising scope and scale of opportunities to increase WFM effectiveness in intraday management and share consultative methods for assessing the effectiveness of your own organization’s intraday management. We’ll also help you understand and present the value of intraday management within your organization.  – Speaker:  Robert Dvorscak, NICE

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – WFM Jeopardy.  Get ready for some fun, excitement, and plenty of interaction with your fellow workforce management professionals at the conference. Whether you are you a forecasting wizard, a scheduling guru, or just someone who’s excited to learn, come to this session to play Jeopardy and test your knowledge of workforce management. Everyone can participate and win great prizes!

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Breaking Down Silos.  Why can’t we all just get along? It can get stressful when communication breaks down and different departments look through different lenses.  The reality is we are most often trying to get to the same result. This session brings some of the contact center groups together for a frank discussion of what we can do to increase communication and stay on the same side of the fence. Industry experts share how they get along and how increased understanding is paramount in service to delivering in every arena of the contact center. Come and hear their experience in being successful “partners” through the evolution of our industry.  – Panelists:  Tyler McGary, Avant, & Matt Troxell, Costco

Wednesday, August 26

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Using Automation in WFM to Unlock Your Team’s Capacity.  Does your WFM team struggle to complete all of the daily repetitive activities that need to be completed to keep your business partners happy?  Do you wish you had more time to be proactive instead of always reacting to staffing? In this session, we will walk through the decisions that directed us to begin automating many of these processes, including the pitfalls we have encountered, the real timeline of projects from beginning to end and some examples of our automation in action.  Bring your ideas and we can tackle this topic as a team!  – Speakers:  Holly Whitehead & Brent Kreuser, Discover Financial Services

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  injixo The Call Center School’s Guide to Managing Remote Teams powered by injixo WFM.  Leading remote teams where face-to-face contact is widely absent has always had its unique challenges. Add those challenges to our new normal – the virtual working environment – and many more concerns arise. How do you ensure your remote team members obtain essential information? How do you foster a reliable and trustworthy team of motivated employees all working towards the same goal? In this session we will walk you through The Call Center School’s guide to leading remote teams, sharing ways both The Call Center School and injixo can help along the way.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – The Missing Link Between Finance and WFM. Workforce management (WFM) has one of the largest impacts on the finances of your contact center. However, in many cases, there is not a strong level of communication or understanding between Finance and WFM departments. Learn strategies on how to bridge the gap between finance and WFM to create a true partnership that can help ease the burden for both departments and provide a stronger foundation for informed business decisions.  – Speakers:  Michael Duffy, Frontier Communications, & Mark Rhodes, Edward Jones

Thursday, August 27

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Where Do Your Goals Come From?  While there is no “industry standard” for many of the metrics that we measure, our management teams are always asking us what other companies are doing.  Come to this session ready to share your key metrics – and how they were determined – and hear the same information from the other attendees as well.  – Panelists:  Marisa Wilkinson, Transamerica, Chad Murray, Logix Federal Credit Union, & Tiffney Spicer, Equity Lifestyle Properties

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  ProScheduler.   Join the Lifesize team as they demo the ProScheduler Workforce Management solution. The demo will include a high-level overview of the full solutions capabilities and then dive specifically into the Forecasting, Scheduling, Reporting, and the Agent Portal – all designed to empower you to improve the overall customer experience, save admin time and reduce overstaffing/understaffing.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Structuring an Incentive Plan for Agents.  Come to this session to hear about incentive plans for agents developed or managed by workforce management.  This panel will discuss how companies recognized the need for an incentive structure through gamification and technology and executed the plan on a WFM budget that helped drive agent behavior and satisfied the stakeholders.  – Panelists:  Jason Hilliard, Radio Systems, & Dan Smitley, World Travel Holdings

Friday, August 28

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT –   Seven Ways Covid-19 has Affected My WFM Role.  2020 has been an unbelievable year so far and we’re still in the summer. We’ve had a pandemic, a huge cultural movement, a universal economic collapse, home-schooling, and a shortage on toilet paper (not necessarily in that order!) This session goes through some of the specific ways these things have had on my workforce management processes and what that means for my forecasts, schedules, and planning. – Speaker:  Tiffany LaReau, Human Numbers

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – The Journey of Selecting, Configuring & Managing Change for a New WFM System.  Come to this session to help build a roadmap and learn best practices for implementing not only the software side of any Workforce Management system, but also how to manage the cultural change around the many business/human resource policies and guidelines WFM systems apply.   This session will not be specific to any software, but best practices will be applicable to multiple environments.  Attendees will be exposed to a project management framework and change management best practices and learn what not to do, from key pitfalls and real life experiences of WFM industry veterans.  – Speaker:  Jim Burdick, Priority Health

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Ask The Workforce Wizard.  This session is your chance to ask our panel of experts anything WFM! This interactive panel will answer questions submitted and chosen by conference attendees. If you have a question or an issue that has been a challenge to your team, bring your question to this session! The audience will also get a chance to give some input. This session will be dynamic and informative, but the topics covered will be chosen by you and your peers at the event. – Panelists:  Jessica Harris, Safe Auto, Kristi Holcombe, Travelers Insurance, Marshall Lee, ttec, Sandra McFatridge, Nissan, and Todd Gladden, PlanMen

Monday, August 31

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes – WFM Tips & Techniques from Real-Life Experiences. This fast-paced session with a panel of your WFM peers will have you writing furiously as you try to capture an idea a minute on paper! This format will give you some last minute tips to take home and implement immediately – if you can catch them all!  – Moderator:  Penny Reynolds – Panelists:  Todd Hixson, Hulu, John Watkinson, Avtex, Louise Andrew, Accor Hotels, Jeff Bretana, Navy Federal Credit Union, Jessica Harris, Safe Auto, & Michael Williams, BCD Travel

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes – Tips & Techniques for Making the Most of Your WFM Software. This fast-paced session with a panel of vendor experts will provide you with a practice idea each minute.  This is not a sales pitch for products.   These are the vendor experts that can provide tips on how to get the most out of a WFM investment from the early planning stages, implementation, training, and ongoing use. This format will give you some last minute tips to take home and implement immediately!

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Closing Session.  Please join us for one last group hug after a month of spending some virtual time together!  We will review the highlights of the event, and have a last bit of fun!  We’ll also give away some prizes, so you won’t want to miss this session!