May 11 –

Quite simply, the Coronavirus pandemic has created a world that was nearly impossible to predict or properly prepare for. Your customers are likely concerned and possibly wondering what’s coming next. They may be asking questions that are a departure from what your agents typically hear.

Moreover, this pandemic has likely turned your employees’ worlds upside down. They have suddenly been forced into a work-from-home environment, trying to balance a potentially unfamiliar work environment with personal and professional responsibilities, which are now blending more than ever.

It’s not an understatement to say that many organizations are taking it one day at a time.

How you respond to your employees now and going forward will likely have a huge impact on the future of your brand. One change many companies are having to make now? Employee meetings and events are moving online. Moving online changes employee gatherings a bit, but it doesn’t have to be scary—really!

Following are top 3 tips for creating an online event you and your employees can get excited about:

  1. Employees learn from each other. Set up an event that not only has expert presentations but also allows employees to talk to each other about what they are experiencing. They will quickly find out that they are navigating similar challenges and such an opportunity offers your employees the ability to gain real-world, real-time, easily applicable ideas for meeting those challenges.
  2. Value your employees’ time. Remember, the pace of the modern world—and its associated demands—doesn’t leave much time for gaining new ideas to create success a year from now.
  3. Remember to share all types of content!  Chances are that your employees are too busy solving customers’ challenges to read all your latest e-mails, training materials, web content, and blogs. That’s ok! Your online meetings can gather all new information into one place for your employees to consume as they have time.

Note: This week’s tip was provided by Nancy Porte, VP, Global Customer Experience at Verint. She can be reached at


Verint is practicing what it preaches and has taken this approach with its annual customer and partner conference. This year the company has shifted its Engage Global Customer and Partner Conference to an all-digital event called Verint Virtual. Check out what it’s all about!