Posted On: 10-10-2018
Position Title: WFM Program Manager
Job Location(s): Tigard, Oregon; Bakersfield, California; Lexington, Kentucky; Raleigh, North Carolina
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Contact: Kim Felice

The WFM Program Manager is a supporting function that enables the effective and efficient delivery of services and products. Partnering with operational teams to improve & transform business (processes) and productivity.


  • Takes responsibility for WFM delivery and quality on an account level of a large program or few medium sized programs with multiple regional or business segments.
  • Leads functionally the assigned WFM employees to ensure the support given meets the operational needs.
  • Overseas the relationship between WFM and operations and access to the primary point of contact for any operational concerns for the entire account.
  • Ensures that the collective set of WFM resources and processes realizes the right number of operational resources, at the right time, and at the right cost across the entire production account.
  • Mentors & trains WFM employees in general skills, program specific processes, reviews training progress, and ensures skill verification takes place.
  • Optimizes WFM performance by continuously exposing and addressing opportunities.
  • Integrates additional operational & WFM resources (e.g. WFM Application Support & Analytics or Operational Management) where needed to resolve process bottlenecks and/or other obstacles.”


  • Requires specialized depth and/or breadth of expertise.
  • Interprets internal or external business issues and recommends best practices.
  • Solves complex problems; takes a broad perspective to identify innovative solutions.
  • Works independently, with guidance in only the most complex situations.
  • May lead functional teams or projects.
  • Progression to this level is typically restricted on the basis of business requirements.

Expertise & Skills

  • Requires depth and/or breadth of expertise in own specialized discipline or field.
  • Interprets internal/external business challenges and recommends best practices to improve products, processes or services.
  • Impacts the achievement of customer, operational, project or service objectives; work is guided by functional policies.
  • May lead functional teams or projects with moderate resource requirements, risk, and/or complexity.
  • Communicates difficult concepts and negotiates with others to adopt a different point of view.