New Staffing Calculator Available
on SWPP Web Site

SWPP is pleased to announce another tool to support the workforce management community. We have developed an Erlang staffing tool called the StaffSmart Calculator to assist with simple contact center staffing calculations.

The StaffSmart Calculator is designed to take input of workload (call volume and average handle time) for a given interval of 15, 30, or 60 minutes and then calculate the number of staff required to meet a speed of answer goal, specified either as service level or average delay. The tool can also provide the resulting delay or service level when the number of staff is provided as an input. The tool can also provide staff utilization percentages when workload and staffing are known.

According to Vicki Herrell, Executive DIrector of SWPP, “In response to frequent requests and questions about call center staffing calculations, we wanted to provide a tool that would allow workforce planners to do simple call center calculations. The StaffSmart Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that can be accessed quickly to perform what-if analyses to test out a wide range of staffing and service scenarios.”

You can find the StaffSmart Calculator in the Resources section on the SWPP web site. We invite you to take a look and to try out the tool the next time you need an answer to a staffing calculation problem.