Enhancements to Empower Agents

For those contact centers with older technology, WFM can be a source of constant frustration for agents, and that’s a formula for poor morale, low productivity and sub-par quality. Consider the following agent-centric enhancements to the traditional forecasting, scheduling and tracking capabilities standard in WFM solutions:

Simplification – The iPhone is the classic example of simplified complexity. Every interaction should be carefully examined and rationalized, so that the system does as much work as possible with a minimal number of clicks required from the user.

Personalization – Today’s consumers are used to increasing personalization of their interactions with providers, and agents expect the same level of courtesy and flexibility in shaping their work environment.

Mobility – Today’s WFM software must have the ability to automatically send notifications (for voluntary overtime, time-off, etc.) as well as provide a convenient app that allows the agent to perform most of the typical scheduling actions that can be performed when using the host WFM software.

Schedule Flexibility – A recent study by Unify shows that more than 43% of employees surveyed would prefer flex work over a pay raise. Your WFM system needs to adapt to the schedule needs of employees.

Multi-channel – Consumers want to communicate with businesses in new channels. Unfortunately, few WFM solutions have incorporated new models for these new channels.
Today’s agent is keenly aware of technology and thirsting for a job environment that leverages technology in an effective way to improve their daily work lives. Consider these important enhancements to traditional workforce management solutions before choosing a new workforce management system. For more information on this topic go to www.aspect.com/solutions/workforce-optimization/workforce-management-software.

Note: This tip provided by Robert Moore, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, of Aspect Software. He may be reached at robert.moore@aspect.com.