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Title Date Location
ICMI Symposium March 14-17 Scottsdale, AZ
SWPP/QATC Regional Meeting March 14 Scottsdale, AZ
SWPP Annual Conference March 27-29 Nashville, TN
SWPP/QATC Regional Meeting April 20 Hunt Valley, MD
ACE – Aspect Conference May 7-10 Orlando, FL
Interactions – NICE Conference May 8-10 Las Vegas, NV
Contact Center Expo May 22-25 Orlando, FL
Engage – Verint Conference May 22-25 Orlando, FL
QA Virtual Conference June 6-10
WFM Virtual Conference June 12-16
Call Center Week June 26-30 Las Vegas, NV
ICMI Symposium June 27-30 Alexandria, VA
SWPP/QATC Regional Meeting June 27 Alexandria, VA
SWPP/QATC Regional Meeting August 11 Jacksonville, FL
SWPP/QATC Regional Meeting August 18 Lewisville, TX
QATC Annual Conference Sept. 19-21 Nashville, TN
Contact Center Demo & Conference Sept. 25-27 Las Vegas, NV
SWPP/QATC Regional Meeting Sept. 28 Gold River, CA
SWPP/QATC Regional Meeting Oct. 19 Salt Lake City, UT
ICMI Symposium Nov. 13-15 Orlando, FL


SWPP Fundamentals of WFM Web Seminar Series

SWPP offers these classes as 90-minute web seminars. Each class can be attended by an unlimited number of students from a single location, but there is a limit of 500 registrants for each session. There is no cost for SWPP members, but non-members may participate at a cost of $300 per web seminar.

Title Date Time
Forecasting Basics: Predicting for Months, Weeks, Days, and Intervals April 12 1:00 CT
Essentials of Staffing: Models and Calculations for Contact Center Staff May 10 1:00 CT
Staffing Tradeoffs: Achieving a Balance of Service, Occupancy, and Cost June 14 1:00 CT
Scheduling Strategies: Definitions and Decisions for Successful Schedules July 12 1:00 CT
Managing Schedule Adherence: Creating an In-Place and On-Time Culture Aug. 9 1:00 CT
Managing Daily Service: An Intra-Day Plan to Keep Staffing and Service on Track Sept. 13 1:00 CT
Signs of Success: Metrics and Measures of WFM Performance Oct. 11 1:00 CT