Posted On: 7-23-2016
Position Title: Workforce Management Business Analyst
Job Location: Louisville, KY
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This position monitors the daily volume of inbound call traffic and distributes calls to achieve the optimal utilization and balance of resources across customer support sites judiciously. Additionally, this position is responsible for the timely analysis of information, including but not limited to contact center trends, call volumes, patterns, etc. and provides reports, forecasts, and recommendations for planning purposes as well as to increase call center efficiencies and effectiveness.


1.Monitors contact volume for multiple queues in multiple locations and moves agents into and out of queues in a timely manner to coordinate and distribute volume based on staff availability and skill level to support the optimal utilization of resources. Coordinates communication of staff moves appropriately.

2.Reviews and verifies intra-day performance reports as appropriate and projects adjustments for unanticipated volume shifts, staffing adherence, etc. Basing analysis on available information identifies opportunities for same day staff adjustments and the need to solicit extra hours and/or voluntary time-off.

3.Anticipates contact volume, training sessions, team and project work, vacations, personal leave and other information to determine adequate coverage and consistent levels of customer support. Uses results of analysis to forecast call arrival and build staffing and scheduling plans to meet business unit goals and objectives.

4.Analyzes data, including but not limited to customer support performance as well as internal and external customer feedback to identify trends and/or patterns. Makes recommendations as appropriate to reduce volume and improve the level of service or other capacity plans within the customer support center.  Monitors and tracks the results of recommendations as appropriate.

5.Provides regular operational, financial and statistical reports, some in an Excel format, to the management team. Makes recommendations regarding opportunities for improvement where appropriate.

6.Addresses telephone and telecommunication issues for the customer care organization. This includes but is not limited to coordinating with other departments when outages occur and calls must be redirected.  Maintains issue tracking log and reports on Service Level impacts as necessary.

7.Maintains an awareness of the call center activities, processes, and procedures as well as call center best practices. This may involve attending advanced training sessions or meetings in which information is imparted and discussed. This may also require participation with and maintenance of memberships with professional work groups; attending trainings, seminars, and other business-related conferences; and interfacing with peers.