The Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) is a membership association designed specifically to facilitate education and networking among workforce planners and managers in the contact center.


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  • The other side of schedule flexibility.  January 27 –
    If we’ve ever chatted, for even five minutes, you will know how much I love and believe in schedule flexibility. I think it is one of the biggest keys to success and greatest value adds that every WFM team can bring to an organization. But schedule flexibility by itself is not enough anymore, …

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Upcoming Events

November 4-14, 2019
WFO Virtual Conference

November 20, 2019
SWPP & QATC Regional Meeting
Orlando, FL

December 4, 2019
SWPP & QATC Regional Meeting
New York, NY

December 5, 2019
SWPP & QATC Regional Meeting
Atlanta, GA

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