The SWPP Certified Workforce Planning Professional program, leading to the Certified Workforce Planning Professional (CWPP) designation, is an excellent way to establish yourself as an experienced member of the contact center workforce planning community.

An ideal candidate is an experienced workforce planning manager or analyst who has an established core skill set that could be applied across the entire spectrum of contact centers. Knowledge of any particular industry is not a requirement; however, a foundation in contact center workforce planning is required for success.

Steps leading to the CWPP designation include three proctored exams based on core workforce planning competencies, followed by a project demonstrating workforce management skills and knowledge. There is no requirement for any student to purchase any specific study materials or attend any training prior to taking the exams. Applicants with experience in the field may have gained their knowledge through a variety of sources and it is only important that the knowledge be demonstrated through the certification process.

Tests are taken on the web and must be proctored. Each test can be taken separately, or, if desired, all three tests may be taken at one time. Students receive test results upon completion of each test.  Tests can be taken at any location at any time as long as a proctor is available, and the time limit for each test is two hours.

Testing and completion of the project must be done within two years of your registration for the program. The usual order of events is as follows: You may take the three tests in any order as you have time and are prepared. After successful completion of all three tests, you will select a project and begin work on it. When your project is complete, you will submit it to the SWPP Board of Advisors for review and present the project via conference call to a panel of certified reviewers. When your project has been approved, you will receive your Certified Workforce Planning Professional (CWPP) designation.

With the successful completion of all three tests and the project, you will have the designation of Certified Workforce Planning Professional (CWPP). You may use this designation on your business cards or on any professional correspondence, e.g., John Smith, Certified Workforce Planning Professional (CWPP), or Jane Smith, CWPP.

To maintain your certification, you must continue your workforce management education every year through seminars, conferences, and other educational opportunities. Click here for more information about continuing education requirements.

Certification has many benefits!

  • Increase your stature in the eyes of your employer and coworkers
  • Expand your networking opportunities
  • Enhance and demonstrate your workforce planning skills
  • Sell yourself as the best candidate for the job
  • And more!

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