SWPP sponsors the Workforce Management Professional of the Year award, which recognizes a workforce management professional who has shown outstanding leadership in the industry.

Winners of this prestigious award include:

2004 — Annick Duffy
2005 — Sandra McFatridge
2006 — Jennifer Behrens
2007 — Kim Henderson
2008 — Adelina Petrov
2009 — Drex Fitzwater
2010 — Angela Thomas
2011 — Matt Pitts
2012 — Robert Dobson
2013 — Christina Bell
2014 — Kirwyn Adderley
2015 — Denise Kapalko
2016 — Tony Graczyk
2017 — Rita Davis
2018 — John Campbell
2019 — Scott Boyd
2020 — Sharon Jones
2021 — Anton Nithianandarajah
2022 — Jessie Cessna

You can nominate your worthy colleagues for this exciting award!  Do you know someone who understands the importance of staffing in the call center, and also understands that workforce management is as much an “art” as it is a “science?”  Is there someone in your center that you feel deserves to be recognized for his or her achievement in the workforce management area?  If so, then you should nominate that person for the SWPP Workforce Management Professional of the Year award.  There is no requirement for nominees to be members of SWPP.

The SWPP Board of Advisors reviews the nominations and selects five finalists for the award.  The Board then chooses the Workforce Management Professional of the Year from those five finalists.  The Workforce Management Professional of the Year award winner is announced at the SWPP Annual Conference.

The five finalists are recognized at the SWPP Annual Conference, and receive a 50% discount to the Conference.  The Workforce Management Professional of the Year receives an award at the Conference, and is featured in an article in the SWPP newsletter, On Target, along with an industry press release.  The winner also receives a free Annual Conference pass.

 For more information or to nominate a colleague for this award, please click here.