May 9 –

For many WFM teams, getting together with Operations, Marketing or others that give us information to help in the judgmental, or “Art” side of forecasting is commonplace.  But, for others, this is not a common occurrence.  Using judgement to augment the statistical side of the forecasting process is essential to fine-tuning the forecast and identifying inputs that we can use to validate our assumptions later.  Establishing a Forecasting Team process is beneficial to creating the right environment to glean the information necessary to hone in on the impactors to workload.  Here are a few reminders for building the team and process.

The Forecasting Team Approach:

  1. Assemble the right players– Identifying the team members that have “valid” information on AHT or Volume impactors are critical.  You may not need everyone, every meeting, but invite those to provide input and dig deeper into the impact
  2. Assign Responsibilities & Establish Recurring Meetings– Get it on the Schedule and plan it with a good agenda that doesn’t waste people’s time
  3. Make a Checklist& note all the factors that can impact call volume and handle time – in other words, keep good notes
  4. Assess & Adjustthe “Process” – Go back and validate your assumptions and tweak accordingly.  If we can verify, then we can move judgement to statistical methodology.

 Note:  This week’s tip is provided by SWPP Board Member Todd Gladden of Planmen.  He can be reached at