January 10 –

 As you look at the impact of events on your call forecast, consider not just the immediate result, but how various events play out over time.  For each business factor it’s important to judge what type of effect the event will have as well as its longevity.

  1. A Step Response is one where there is little immediate response, but then a larger volume, which is sustained over time. A merger that adds many customers will cause an increased level of calling that may remain at higher levels.
  1. A Pulse Response is one where the event generates a little “blip” for a very short period of time but volume settles down to normal quickly.   A news event may cause a momentary surge in the calling volume but may go away quickly.
  1. A Delayed Response is one that has little immediate response, but then a gradual upward trend. A change to account statements may generate calls slowly at first but build momentum as more statements are delivered.
  1. A Decayed Response is opposite the delayed response.  This is one that has a immediate impact, but gradually fades away. A sales and marketing campaign will generally get an immediate increase in calls followed by a gradual decline.