Posted On: 4-25-14
Position Title: Contact Center Forecasting Analyst
Job Location: Tucson, AZ; Englewood, CO; Plano, TX; Fredericksburg, VA

Come join the Intuit Sales Operations & Strategy as a Contact Center Forecasting Analyst. The Sales Operations and Strategy team is on a journey to become the center of excellence in enabling the Sales function across Intuit. We are excited to be expanding our Operations team in support of this effort.  Primary responsibility is to support business decisions through the preparation of timely and accurate inputs forecasts in a contact center, with specific focus on improving the sales & customer experience and maximizing operational efficiencies.

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Brief Summary



  • Validate confidence of established influences/drivers (factors determining forecasts) Leverage advanced statistical methodologies (correlation, regression, etc.)
  • Create a meaningful interpretation of data through use of tools, industry experience and logic to frame situations and allow meaningful dialogue and decision making
  • Aggregate forecast information into a comprehensive document to be published with senior leadership for headcount, budget (Finance), and capacity planning purposes
  • Provide analysis and recommendations to improve staffing levels and efficiency
  • Articulate reasons for forecast variance and recommend changes to enhance forecast accuracy and effectiveness
  • Study department work, vacation, etc (shrinkage) for on-going historical trend analysis and offer recommendations for capacity planning purposes
  • Utilize Toyota Production System (TPS) problem solving method to accurately define problems, generate alternatives and implement counter measures that permanently resolve scheduling and forecasting problems by addressing their root cause
  • Respond to management requests to create and narrate “what if” scenarios


Forecast and Track

  • Partner closely with Marketing teams to create long term, interim and short term forecasts derived from understood business drivers for phone and non-phone inputs (chats, web leads, etc)
  • Maintain and analyze records of actual volumes compared to forecast
  • Maintain staffing and headcount records and develop hiring plans for long/ short range planning
  • Maintain detailed records of call/skill set statistics and call arrival patterns to maximize forecasting accuracy capability, ensuring cost effective labor utilization
  • Create and maintain capacity plans
  • Accurately track actual contact center output at the process and activity level as needed for productivity analysis and resource forecasting (shrinkage, occupancy, etc)



  • Communicate operational recommendations directly to leadership team and Centers of Excellence with regard to overall departmental capacity, variances, and forecasted staffing challenges
  • Facilitate weekly and monthly strategic forecast discussions with leadership teams and recommend countermeasures in response to upcoming staffing challenges (when applicable)
  • Consult with department leadership to update associate and Team Leader records and plan
  • Function as foundational element for scheduling team to create and distribute employee schedules
  • Work on special workforce-management related projects.