November 7 –

It can be very difficult to get the buy-in from Operations when they’re trying to pull people off phones at inopportune times and they may not understand “The Power of One” as well as your Workforce team might. One good way to get their buy-in is to develop a shadowing program for managers, supervisors, and any leadership in training. Sitting with the RTA team can be one of the most eye opening activities for our leadership teams to understand what the impacts are when each individual supervisor decides the best time to pull their team members for coaching or 1-1s. Bring them in to sit alongside your team and be the one to pull those levers while watching the queue times, even for as brief as 30 minutes to an hour. The results might surprise you!

To take it one step further, have them sit with your forecast and scheduling team to see the work that goes into creating the most optimal break and lunch schedules. This will often lead your operations supervisors to advocate on behalf of Workforce to their peers and team members, creating a more unified and strong leadership team able to take a step back and look at “big picture” impacts that each individual agent can make.

 Note:  This week’s tip provided by SWPP Board Matt Troxell of Costco.  He may be reached at