Organization adopts mobile app that allows agents to see their schedule and make pre-approved changes anytime/anywhere

WorkFlex Solutions, LLC announced today that a worldwide credit card leader is implementing the WorkFlex intelligent agent mobile app so their contact center agents always have the latest version of their work schedules handy on their smart phone or tablet. The app also lets contact centers communicate schedule-change offerings and requirements to the agents in real time via their smart phones.

The app’s industry-unique feature lets the agents see the availability of time segments they can select if they need to leave early tomorrow or want to work a few extra hours next week. This is a big benefit, since today, most contact center agents are millennials or other “digital native” workers. They want more work-life-balance and they are accustomed to using their smart phones to manage their daily lives. These agents love the idea that they can trade shifts with other agents with the same skill sets, or swap time in their own schedules – all while shopping or sitting in class.

The company’s contact center managers, supervisors and workforce administrators like the fact that the only changes agents can make without approval are those that improve net staffing levels. This reduces the amount of time management and admin teams are required to spend micro-managing schedules each week. Instead, they see staffing gaps magically disappear as the agents “do their own thing.”

Like many contact center operators, this company is focused on reducing the agent turn-over rate in their contact centers, a factor seen as the biggest controllable cost item. The credit card company’s investment in the WorkFlex intelligent agent mobile app will help it to reduce turnover rates by improving employee satisfaction and empowering agents with enhanced work-life balance.

About WorkFlex
WorkFlex is the Industry Leader in Intelligent Scheduling Automation solutions for contact centers. Our award-winning technology maximizes agent scheduling flexibility, optimizes performance and reduces workforce administration overhead. Designed to easily integrate with existing Workforce Management (WFM) and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) systems, WorkFlex enables clients to leverage their existing enterprise software investments, and quickly generate a positive ROI. WorkFlex clients include both service providers and BPO’s with deployments spanning financial services, communications, healthcare, automotive, cable/sat and government.