Posted On: 5-24-2017
Position Title: Team Manager, WFM Scheduling – Level 35
Job Location: Aurora, CO; Framingham, MA; Florence, KY; Englewood, NJ;  Rochester, NY; Halifax, NS; Mississauga, ON; or Regina, SK.
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Organizational Information

Business Unit:  NAD Customer Service

Department: Workforce Management (WFM)


Job Code:

FLSA Status:

Reporting Line(s):

• Direct to:  Director, Workforce Management

• Indirect to:


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Financial accountability

(if yes, then specify $ value) P&L accountability (Yes/No) NO

Budget accountability (Yes/No) YES

Revenue accountability (Yes/No) NO

Management responsibility

(i.e., hiring, coaching, scheduling / delegating work, performance reviews) Number of direct reports 6-10

Number of direct reports with team of 3 or more associates (excludes direct report) 0

Total reports

(Direct and indirect) 6 – 10

Number of dotted line reports 0

Number of dotted line reports with 3 or more associates (excludes dotted line report) 0

Project management Manages a project or function with no direct people leadership accountability (Yes/No) NO

Regional Scope of responsibility

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Regional (Focus across a continental region [e.g. Europe, Asia, Latin America]):

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Job Summary

Provide exceptional leadership, clear direction, and continuous guidance to the WFM Scheduling Team responsible for scheduling of all CSR’s throughout NAD Customer Service Contact Centers. Consistently and pro-actively partner with business leaders to communicate schedule optimization opportunities, vacation blitz process, shift bid needs and other scheduling concerns.. Work in conjunction with WFM Leadership Team to establish Best Practices and refine processes within WFM that support NAD Customer Service Objectives and overall business strategy. Work closely with business partners to provide support in meeting objectives and achieving performance goals.

Key Job Responsibilities

Impact on Business (i.e. business contribution; nature and scope of responsibility; risk and financial management; strategic vs. tactical vs. delivery orientation.)

  • Support the Scheduling team in utilizing workload forecasts, intra-day performance outlooks, staff forecasts and schedule runs to proactively identify staffing utilization opportunities and take appropriate action necessary to delivering a comprehensive plan for meeting service performance objectives.
  • Coordinate the Scheduling Team in execution of large-scale non-work events with the WFM Scheduling team such as meetings and training to assure all events are planned appropriately and accurately to meet the specifications of the requestor while communicating and working to overcome any roadblocks.
  • Support the Scheduling Team in maintaining the Aspect and Empower system processes including the setup and configuration of new groups within Aspect and maintenance of segment request rules.
  • Provide on-going coaching and development to Workforce Management Analyst in the field to ensure coordination of staff and workflow at the business unit level in order to achieve service level objectives. Motivate and develop Analysts by providing a supportive, challenging work environment
  • Support and aid in coordination of major business events such as holiday planning, major event planning, time of bidding, etc
  • Coach the WFM Scheduling Team on providing key deliverables such as: successful intra-day planning, event scheduling, time off management and eWFM administration across multiple lines of business
  • Accurately account for the scheduling needs of all supported business units.
  • Develop comprehensive escalation plans to ensure necessary timely communication and decision making takes place
  • Identify and research service level risks for problem resolution and management notification

Innovation and Change (i.e. improvements to procedures, services, or products, as well as development of new ideas, methods, techniques, services and products)

  •  Identify and communicate specific and effective opportunities to improve processes
  • Identifies and implements optimal and reliable work structures and processes to effectively accomplish goals.

Internal & External Customers / Suppliers as well as Third Parties (i.e. include level or job title of customer relationship and the nature of the customer relationship management and service delivery)

  •  Educate business partners on Workforce Management, including creating and delivering effective presentations
  • Read and meet the needs of internal and external customers by anticipating their support requirements
  • Act as a resource for partners within the WFM Team to support success in their functional areas by surfacing pertinent intelligence and feedback
  • Partner with business leaders each period to review forecast and staffing plans
  • Work with appropriate members of the WFM Team along with business partner and vendors to provide training and information on supporting technologies and business practices to the WFM Scheduling Team
  • Act as a liaison between the WFM Scheduling Team and leading in other parts of the organization to align efforts in achieving common goals and coordinating major business events
  • Collaborate with key business partners and staff to identify opportunities for improvement of resource utilization and service levels
  • Provide support in outsourcing endeavors

People Leadership (i.e. staff management; accountability for hiring, coaching, training, conducting performance review, determining pay actions)

  • Provide on-going coaching and development to the WFM Team to ensure that current business requirements are met while building a platform of continuous improvement
  • Develop and administer performance standards and functional strategies for the WFM Team
  • Provide professional growth and development opportunities for WFM Team
  • Provide formal and informal performance feedback on an ongoing basis
  • Actively support NAD Customer Service in being a great place to work
  • Provide guidance on key metrics as they relate to the performance of NAD Customer Service

Business Strategy (if contributes to business strategy; is position responsible for defining, modifying or executing and is focus on long term (typically 3-5 years) or short- to mid-term (12-18 months))

  • Responsible for creating scalable scheduling models for all Staples Business Units.


KPIs– Key Performance Indicators (i.e. how is success defined in this role?)

  • Schedule Quotient Index (Schedule Fit)
  • Schedule Efficiency Index (Intra-day Plan)
  • Service Level
  • Internal customer satisfaction as measured through WFM survey
  • Employee Satisfaction survey

 Education/Experience Equivalent (minimum requirements)

  • High School Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience
  • 5 years in Workforce Management, with at least 3 years in WFM Scheduling, Forecasting or Planning
  • years in a manager or supervisory role

Professional Certifications / Licenses


Professional Knowledge/Experience

  •  Knowledge of best in class Workforce Management techniques and processes


Other Skills (e.g. specialized training, language proficiency, functional expertise etc.)

  • Advanced level experience with Aspect Workforce Optimization or related (IEX, Pipkins, Kronos) required, expert level knowledge of Aspect eWFM preferred.
  • Proven understanding of Workforce Management processes/theory and organization.
  • Excellent organizational / analytical skills and proven problem solving ability.
  • Proven verbal and written communication skills required.
  • Ability to convey information in group settings across level simply and logically adapting content and level of detail to meet the needs of the audience.
  • Knowledge of Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Word, Access, Avaya CMS, Kronos, Microstrategy, Aspect RTA, and other WFM software preferred.


Internal Job Comparison: (Indicate jobs that may be compared to this job in terms of scope, level of knowledge/skill, innovation, interpersonal communication, technical guidance, supervisory responsibility, decisions making, financial impact, planning and education/experience requirements.)

Lower Equal Higher

WFM Analyst IV WFM Planning Manager Operations Manager WFM