Posted On: 3-12-2015
Position Title: Vice President, Sales Service
Job Location: New  York, New York

Position Title:

Manager- Workforce Management


Direct Sales

Date: 11/07/14

Reports To: Vice President, Sales Service Cost Center:  
Submitted By: Laura Benner Submitter’s Title: HR Director Comp dept use only
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Position Overview

Provide a brief outline of the purpose of the position.  Consider how the position supports the overall goals of Tiffany & Co.

The Manager- Workforce Management develops and forecasts schedules, oversees intra-day scheduling and manages the reporting function for the call center. This Manager delivers short and long term forecasts packages and interprets business trends.



Key Accountabilities

Provide a description of the key accountabilities that the position is responsible for.  Estimate the percentage of time to be spent on each accountability, totaling to 100%.  Indicate whether each accountability is critical or necessary.
Key Accountabilities % of Time
  • Business Performance Management –
  • Develops and defines the right KPIs  (e.g, trend volumes, handle times, schedule adherence and quality) to determine success in Direct Sales.
  • Creates reports and dashboards that demonstrate performance and that the organization is on target. Utilize data  – both quanitiative and some qualitative – to drive the organization toward big picture goals.
  • Act as an internal business consultant to guide business direction, process and efficiency. Offer recommendations to problems or plans to sustain progress.
  • Educate management to understand all reports and data so they can act upon the business trends.


30%  Critical


  • Develops and Forecasts Schedules –
  • Forecasts contact volume including calls and emails and the necessary staffing plan.
  • Models staffing options for in-house and vendored staff to meet the contacts.
  • Develops optimized scheduled that are the best fit for the contact volume, meetings and off-phone work.
  • Recommends staffing changes to management based on volume and staffing trends, escalating issues as necessary.
  • Establish hiring plans based based on long term forecasting, including reporting that monitors call center attrition, hiring and training timelines.


30%  Critical


  • Manage Intra-Day Scheduling-
  • Manage the intra-day re-forecasting relative to targets and recommends appropriate assingments as needed to make sure forecasts are met.
  • Re-forecasts staffing requirements, including running data for overtime and additional outsourced resources.
  • Pro-actively monitor staffing and service levels, including maintaining communication with in-house and out-sourced staff. This may include offering additional hours/overtime or sending agents home early.
  • Manage analyst responsible for daily scheduling.


20%  Critical


  • Reporting –
  • Runs report that address volume, staffing and scheduling changes consistent with volume, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • Recognize and interpret trends and changes in the business and communicate them to management.
  • Analyze historical data and contact volumes, project budgetary expenses. determine future costing and assist with training and new hire planning.


20%  Critical









Performance Measures
Identify any metrics or indicators used to measure performance in this role (e.g., % of sales plan, units handled per hour, safety incident rate)



Tiffany Competencies

Indicate the level of importance of each Tiffany Competency, as required for this position.

Factor Competency

For definitions, see website



Very Important



Less Relevant

Credibility Demonstrates Character


Displays Professionalism


Models Agility
Expertise         & Judgment Demonstrates Expertise & Business Acumen


Applies Judgment


Takes Calculated Risks
Strategy         & Innovation Thinks Strategically


Inspires Creativity
Plans and Organizes


Partnership Collaborates Productively
Manages & Cultivates Talent
Communicates with Impact


Execution Strives for Excellence


Delivers Results


Measures Outcomes
Scope of Role
Financial Responsibility

Indicate the financial responsibilities and/or the annual budget / estimated revenue that the position will manage

Management Scope

Indicate the number of direct, indirect and dotted-line reports that the position will manage

# Direct:

# Indirect:

# Dotted-line:

Functional Scope

Select the applicable functional scope from the list and provide additional detail as applicable


Geographic Scope

Select the applicable geographic scope from the list and provide additional detail as applicable



Key Business Partners

Identify the positions or departments that are key business partners for this position

Distribution, Business Sales, IT, Finance


Required and Preferred Qualifications

Specify the number of years of job-related experience; type of degree, certification, licenses and any specific technical skills that are required or preferred.  Indicate any specific attendance requirements (e.g. evenings and weekends).

Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree and/or 5-7 years’ experience in contact center workforce management required

Knowledge of Call Center management best practices

Strong functional analytical skills in a call center environment

Strong knowledge of Microsoft applications including Outlook, Excel and Access with the ability to create and maintain database

Strong knowledge of workforce management software a plus (preferably Injixo)

Preferred Qualifications: Experience with Injixo.

Masters in business administration.

Health & Safety Requirements Select the requirements from the items listed below (U.S. Only)

These are requirements as the position is typically performed.  All requirements are within Tiffany & Co. guidelines for health and safety standards.  Inability to meet one or more of these requirements will not automatically disqualify a candidate or employee from the position. Upon request for a reasonable accommodation, Tiffany & Co. may be able to adjust or excuse one or more of these requirements, depending on the requirement, the key accountability to which it relates, and the proposed accommodation.


Physical Requirements

 Vision  Pushing/Pulling (specify)  Standing/walking (specify)
  Color perception (Red,                                                  Green, Amber)  Bending (specify)  Sitting (specify)
 Clear Speech  Climbing (specify)  Kneeling (specify)
 Hearing/Listening  Crouching/stooping (specify)  Work at heights (specify)

Dexterity  Hand


 Lifting/lowering weight (specify)

1-15 lbs     15-30 lbs

30 -50 lbs  over 50 lbs

 Ability to move within and between warehouses/offices (specify)
 Repetitive Motion



 Carrying (specify)  Ability to mount /dismount forklift/truck (specify)
 Reaching (specify)  Twisting (specify)  Driving

local   long distance


Cognitive Requirements

 Reading – Simple

Reading – Complex

 Writing – Simple

Writing – Complex

 Math Skills – Simple

Math Skills – Complex


Work Environment

 Verbal contact w/others

Face-to-face contact

 Shift work (specify)

Overtime (specify)

 Heat (100+)

Cold (0 -)

 Works alone

Works with others



 Fumes/odors  High Places
 Travel (specify)  Hazardous Materials  Dirt/Dust  


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  • Once this form has been completed and approved, submit a copy to Human Resources.
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Job Description Disclaimer: The statements included in this document are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees assigned to this classification.  They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and/or skills required of all personnel so classified.