Workforce Management Certification


To retain certification, 40 continuing education points per calendar year are required for the Certified Workforce Planning Professional (CWPP) and 20 for the Associate CWPP. Points are obtained as noted below.

  • 15 points for presenting at the SWPP conference
  • 15 points for serving as a mentor for a CWPP project presentation
  • 10 points for attending the SWPP conference
  • 10 points for an article published in the SWPP newsletter
  • 10 points for serving on a certification project presentation committee
  • 10 points for attending a training from The Call Center School
  • 10 points for maintaining membership in SWPP
  • 10 points for presenting at another industry conference other than the SWPP Annual Conference
  • 10 points for presenting on an SWPP web seminar
  • 10 points for presenting on another industry web seminar
  • 10 points for an article published somewhere other than SWPP newsletter
  • 5 points for attending an SWPP web seminar
  • 5 points for each Tip of the Week published
  • 5 points for attending another industry conference other than the SWPP Annual Conference
  • 5 points for attending a SWPP Meet
  • 2 points for attending a meeting of another call center networking group (max of 2 events)

The certified individual is responsible for sending continuing education information to SWPP at the end of each year.